You Need Distant Mac Support? Here are Easy Steps to Share Your Mac Screen

Purchasing a MacBook is largely stimulated by a conviction that it lives up to individuals’ expectations with perfectness and accuracy – though this cannot be termed as a conviction completely. Mac computers have been always on the verge of innovation and advanced technology so as to give a new technological edge.

Just because you own a MacBook and you have been using the machine for years, it doesn’t mean that you are resistant to some common problems that can happen to your Mac computer at any point in time.


But the technical problem diagnosed in your Mac is no longer a challenging one, as Mac itself lets the users allow the Mac technicians to fix the problem using remote access feature. Thanks to Screen Sharing feature in OS X, which empowers the users to share items on the Mac and take control over the Mac machine using remote access system. iMac Apple desktop support

Mac comes in with a built-in screen sharing feature that is basically a VNS server having some additional features. To enable the screen sharing feature in your Mac machine, you need to go to the System Preferences through Apple icon located in the menu bar. Click on the Sharing icon in System Preferences and check the Sharing box.  Support for Apple Mac Laptop and Computers

This panel helps you to connect to your Mac computer from other system. If you are trying to do so through other systems – running on Windows – IP address can be used to locate your Mac computer.

On the other hand, you can also go for Screen Express utility that is made to allow you to have an impermanent access to any Mac computer running OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion or later, using a shareable link. Contact phone support for Mac

While configuring the Screen Express, you need to have administrator username and password to let such setup get succeeded. Once the Screen Express is configured, you will get a dialog box with a message “Share Link to This Mac.”

Best part of the Screen Express is that the user can have a complete control over the entire session. They can close the session at their end, or they can create a new link so as to ensure security to the data files saved on the Mac computer.

Last but not the least; TeamViewer is a third party screen sharing application that helps users to connect to Mac computer. It can also be helpful in holding a video chat, sharing presentations, and transferring data files between the computer systems. Best of all, the system doesn’t ask for login— as it connects to the system through nothing more than a nine-digit ID code and randomly created pass code.

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