Wi-Fi Issues with MacBook Pro 13/15-inch Retina Continue for Some People

A MacBook offers seamless advantages in several forms. With impressive features and application with every update, the computer system appears to be more useful machine to meet your requirements. But as far as its exposure to technical flaws is concerned, you find some issues continue to appear before the users – Wi-Fi issue is one of them.

The original 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pros with Retina display have got tons of applauds from the users, simply because of its advanced features and applications. Perhaps more irritating, the MacBook users continue to experience poor network connectivity on their Mac whenever they turn Wi-Fi on. Though some users have expressed their pleasure to have the issue fixed offered by expert Mac technical support technicians, but some are still hanging around the problem.


Generally, Wi-Fi problems with OS X 10.10.2 are said to be in two categories; slow transfer speeds with regard to Bluetooth, or outright connection falling and not able to set up a wireless connection at all. Regardless of the Apple’s support forum threads, and other common platforms, there are some independent tech support companies that can help you resolve the problems with the utmost accuracy. You can select a particular one based on your requirements and get every issue resolved soon. Technical support for macbook pro

Here are some problems that the users have reported:

Sluggish Wi-Fi performance when Bluetooth is enabled

One of the persistent and most-reported Wi-Fi issues is slow networking performance due to Bluetooth enabled on your MacBook. For those who experience the issue, disabling Bluetooth is somehow the most accurate way to stop the problem. But one should remind that some of the actions such as Apple Wireless Keyboard, Magic Mouse, or Magic Track pad, and third party accessories require Bluetooth connection to work properly.

Wi-Fi connection drops frequently

This is a serious issue that disconnects your MacBook from the network every so often. Though the issue can easily be resolved by disconnecting and connecting to the internet manually, but it doesn’t make any sense when you are online and getting the internet connection failed every so often.

To fix the problem forever, you would better access an experienced Apple tech support professional who can help you in a real time.

So these are two basic issues that can happen to your MacBook at any point in time.

It is significant to draw attention to the Wi-Fi problems that appear to be odd, random, and are moderately atypical, the majority of Mac users using OS X Yosemite are not coming across such networking difficulties. Yet you should be prepared to fight against all types of problems.

With that said, the obvious unpredictability of networking troubles with some MacBook computers running OS X Yosemite may be irked by the compatibility issues with specific routers, problems with some wireless networks, or issues related to other hardware issues. Go for Apple customer service and get your MacBook in a good condition as before.

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