Why switch to Mac X over Windows?

Both Apple and Microsoft are technology giants and are dominating the market with their wide and exhaustive range of Mac and Microsoft products that help users improve the quality of their life. Over the last decade, Apple products have surpassed Windows products due to better quality, output, performance, and enhanced features and specifications. Have a look at some of the benefits of using Mac over Windows.

Better-quality hardware: The design of all Apple products is excellent. Thanks to the use of premium materials that add more to looks Apple machines. With Retina Displays and no spinning disks for faster PCIe-based flash storage Apple machines are better than Windows OEMs.

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Better battery life: When compared to Windows machines, Mac OS X commits better battery life when it comes to Iron Man battery life test (10:27 minutes of usage). Although Windows-machines come with replaceable batteries, yet people have lower interest in it.

Simple interface:  You can pin the apps you want to use at the bottom of the screen and you can run multiple desktops. Stability, no freezing or crashing are the highlight of Mac OS as they easily improve productivity.

No bloatware/free updates: Apple doesn’t license out OS X to other manufacturers, so there are no bloatwares. You will not get the same facility with Windows machines. Apple releases OS updates frequently at an affordable price tag or free of cost. But Microsoft will charge users a license fee.

No need for antivirus: It means you will get freedom from the slow-down, sudden reboots, and paying annual subscription to a security vendor. Apple has built-in malware protection and its machines are shipped without Java and Flash pre-installed. Macbook Support

Easy updates: Windows updates consume more time and leading to lengthy wait times.  Mac offers easy updates that install them quickly.

Use of 3rd party services: Now, users can install Windows on any Mac via the built-in Bootcamp tool and can also avail Apple laptop support for Windows OS easily.

Trackpad: The gestures on MacBook trackpads are unmatched as they work accurately for the purpose of swiping between apps, desktops, and windows by flicking fingers.

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