Why QuickBooks for Mac (offline) is a good pick over the online version?

If you are an Apple computer owner and are running a business, it is probable that you would like to have Intuit’s QuickBooks for Mac as it matches your accounting and business management needs. QuickBooks for Mac is the desktop version for Apple’s Mac operating system. Unlike the three versions of QuickBooks Desktop for Windows (QBDT) and the three subscription types for QuickBooks Online (QBO), QB for Mac is just one-version software. So, you needn’t choose anything if you decide to go with QB for Mac. Mac users can opt for QuickBooks support center in order to successfully moving to QuickBooks for Mac offline from QuickBooks for Mac online. Technical support Quickbooks for mac

Actually QB users need to evaluate several things while selecting any application to use, like software’s compatibility with the computer and its long term benefits. Switching from one online version to desktop version for Mac or Windows can be a practical and justifiable move. QB for Mac ensures you easy creation of professional invoices, management of the accounts payable, and running of reports with the added benefits of getting access to QuickBooks from multiple locations. QB for Mac will be the right the product when you work offline because, with it, you needn’t sync 3rd party apps to QuickBooks.


QuickBooks for Mac over QBO is a great pick due the price factor. Like other QuickBooks Desktop products, QB for Mac offers support for three years. Moreover, if you have purchased QB for Mac 2016 in the last month of 2015, then this product will offer tech support by Intuit until around May 2019. If your system has the capacity to meet the requirements, you needn’t upgrade to a newer version of QB for Mac. Mac-Technical-Support.Com

Patches are released to fix issues until the software enjoys a supported version. Consequently, you will only pay for the software once and use it for an enhanced time period with no additional payments. You have to pay only when you opt for additional paid technical support. Users of the Premier or the Pro version of QBDT can switch to QuickBooks for Mac whereas QuickBooks Enterprise users can’t. Moreover, there is no way to downgrade the company’s file, except you contact some third party support group. Inventories can be managed without difficulty in QB Enterprise with the Advanced Inventory functionality. The Enterprise level software can scan barcodes whereas managing inventories with QB for Mac can be monotonous. Possibly the principal challenge for a Mac user is the creation of frequent upgrade by Intuit and Apple.  Apple releases a new operating system version and Intuit improves current product version as an upgrade.

With these suggestions, QuickBooks for Mac offline is a good pick over online version.

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