What to do when you forgot Apple ID Password, Security Question or Email Address?

Globally known for producing many innovative devices, like Macintosh computer, iPhone, iPad and many others, Apple leads the technology industry. With the manufacturing of advanced devices, Apple also concentrated on device security so that no others can access your devices if you have lost your Apple devices. Thus, Apple provided a strong security and support Apple devices with an Apple ID password, security question and email address. But, what happens when users forget all these security elements. It’s really become too difficult to recover your Apple ID and password. However, with the help of Apple technical support, you can easily recover Id and password.


To have Apple support, you need to go to the Apple ID Support page and opt for “start your support requests online” and, then you need to choose “forgotten Apple Id security questions”. This further presents you two options as:

  1. Schedule a call: Here, you need to specify a time an Apple technical expert may call you.
  2. Call Apple support later: Enter you information and talk to an Apple tech later.

As, soon you get connected with Apple experts, they ask you various questions concerning to your account. If every question is answered successfully, then they confirm your identity and unlock your account and further support you to reset your password.

Now, you have another condition in which when users forget their Apple ID password and Apple Id is remembered. In this condition, you can have an Apple password recovery support to recover password. You may also go through the process shown here in this post. These two processes are shown as below:

  1. You can recover password with the help of email linked with your Apple ID

If you are able to access your email account linked with your Apple ID, then it become easy to recover password. Here, you first need to go to the Apple ID password website where you need to click on “reset your password”. This will ask you to enter your Apple ID and after entering the email ID, you need to click on “email authentication”. Now, Apple will send you an email with instructions to reset your password.

  1. You can recover password by answering the security questions

After creating Apple ID, you answer the security questions to enable recovery option when you forget your password. Here, you first need to go to the Apple ID website where you need to click on “reset your password” which will further ask you to enter your Apple ID. Just after entering the Apple ID, you need to choose “answer security question”. Now, you need to answer successfully to reset Apple ID password.

With all the above shown process you can easily set new password. However, if you want to have more security for your devices, then you can have support by dialing Apple technical support number.

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