Virus and Mac products: Relevance of antivirus software programs for Mac

It is said that all Mac products are free from virus attack, but this claim still have some doubts. Generally, Macs are regarded as no virus machines. However, there are some trojan horses and malware on that can take Mac into their grip. If you stumble upon a pop-up that is hard to dismiss and suggest you that your computer is infected, or you find similar messages on your screen, make sure something is wrong. There are a few malware on the Mac and the most interesting thing is that maximum of them pose a very low threat level.

Anti-Virus software programs are considered the best way to say no to unwanted virus, malware and adware. But, the reality can be different for Mac users as these programs may do more harm than good. It sounds weird that your Mac has virus but it makes you feel more cautious and compel you to install   anti-virus (AV) software on your Mac. Anti-virus software is good but malware and adware are constantly changing and can crack any anti-virus software. Virus can be stopped from entering Mac for a limited period as they attack OS constantly when you use Internet.

All anti-virus software can’t help you much. Instead, they cause serious harm to your Mac products. Norton for Mac is said to be responsible for deleting critical system files on the Mac and source kernel panics. MacKeeper is another anti-virus that may cause serious lag or damage your Mac. Some Mac users have complained of that MacKeeper is slowing down their Mac and has crushed Apple and other programs. Some complained of opening of software issues. It can be a scam. Norton for Mac seems to delete critical system files on Mac OS X.


MacKeeper, Norton for Mac, MacDefender, MacProtector, and MacSecurity are said to cause serious harm to your Mac. ClamXav and Sophos are considered as the best software programs that are supposed to cause no harm to your Mac. Apple OS X has built-in technologies for effectively combat with malware. Interestingly, Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6) and later versions are well-equipped with XProtect that frequently updates its malware definitions and warns you if you are going to open something which may contain malware.

Gatekeeper is another built-in technology that was introduced in OS X Mountain Lion (10.8) and later versions. The settings for Gatekeeper can be controlled by OS X users in System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General. Above all, Mac App Store is the best option for using the Mac in an effective manner.

If you detect any virus, malware, and adware, contact Apple support center or take help from an independent tech support providing company which resolves all issues with its Mac virus removal support.

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