Troubleshooting Support for Data Corruption in QuickBooks for Mac

While handling bookkeeping with QuickBooks for Mac in a small or mid-size business, possibility is that you may come across some certain sorts of performance issues and other technical obstacles, causing an uncalled for interference and obstruction in handling accounts. As per different QuickBooks support service providers, company data files saved in QuickBooks can have a number of issues – data corruption is one among them.

As a number of users believe QuickBooks for Mac is a more stable and powerful accounting software suite for a business accounting (which is true to some extent), but due to some reasons, it is still exposed to some sorts of technical problems. Company data files contained therein are open to data corruption. Although Intuit has addressed most of the prevailing issues in its latest QuickBooks Desktop to Mac 2016 with enhanced capabilities.

But you must not think it a worthless one, as you can go for a reliable troubleshooting support service for QuickBooks for Mac to keep the accounting software immune to all types of technical issues and corrupted data files.

What disturbs company data files in QuickBooks for Mac?

Database corruption can take place while editing or formatting one or other data page turns out to be damaged. In such conditions, a quick technical support for the database can help you overcome the situation. Regardless of official QuickBooks technical support team at Intuit, you can access to third party service providers to get an instant support for the issue.


When it comes to the database, the problem is not restricted to some particular items such fields, rows, and columns within the database, it can spread over the comprehensive data structure that may cause serious issues, if you don’t access to a certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor support service in a real time.

Here are some reasons:

  • Inappropriate shut-down of QuickBooks
  • Networking problems leading to the a loss of connection between QB and server
  • Computer hardware issues
  • Operating system errors leading to I/O failures
  • QuickBooks application problem
  • Malicious programs contaminating your database

These are some common reasons that may also be applied to the latest QuickBooks for Mac 2016 edition.

What indicates towards the data corruption issue?

  • Error codes while working with QuickBooks
  • The company files taking too much time to open
  • Unable to edit or save transactions
  • The amount figure gets mismatched between the balance sheet and specific report
  • Names and items are missing in the list

These are some symptoms that may happen to your QuickBooks when it develops data corruption issues. If you fail to notice these symptoms while managing your accounts, you may head to some additional problems. Before you happen to bear another issue, dial helpline number for QuickBooks for Mac and access an instant solution.

How to fix the issue with certified support:

As mentioned above, you can approach to third party technical help support service provider instead of visiting official community and forum platforms, if you want the solution instantly.

Here are some basic troubleshooting tips to fix data corruption issue:

  • QuickBooks for Mac 2015 and 2016
    • Go to File > Utilities > Verify Data
    • A prompt appears with a message that QuickBooks has detected an error — Go to File > Utilities > Rebuild Data
    • Once the data rebuilding completes, execute other tool to verify data files

For QuickBooks for Mac 2014 and older, go through the same procedures with the help of a reliable support service and check if the data file corruption has been resolved.

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