Troubleshooting data corruption issues in QuickBooks for Mac

Data corruption is simply data damage affects that any system’s regularity or impairs its functionality. It is also likely that database may get corrupted when data pages get damaged while formatting. The same thing can also happen while delivering the information on that page which is inaccessible. Data corruption is not limited to individual tables within the database; it also exists across a broad expense of the real data structure. Generally, it is assumed that the Apple Mac environment has a better and stable operating system. Surprisingly, it is prone to the issues of data corruption. Even QuickBooks for Mac 2016 support can make you experience the issues of QuickBooks data loss and data corruption.


Following are some of the symptoms showing the prevalence of data damage on QuickBooks for Mac. These symptoms include:

  • Error messages displayed by QuickBooks and reported by the Verify utility.
  • A company file that will not open, converted, restored, verified or rebuilt.
  • A company file that runs extremely slow while other applications are not opened.
  • Amounts on the Balance Sheet do not equal the amount corresponding registers or specialty reports.
  • Reports with imperfect, missing or unreadable information.
  • Memorized reports have been previously deleted.

Improper shutdown of QuickBooks; power-loss or brown-outs; networking issues; computer hardware problems; operating system errors;  application errors, and resulting Virus or malware contamination can be blamed as common causes of data corruption or loss.

Compared to QuickBooks for Windows versions, QuickBooks for Mac is slightly different when it comes to identifying and repairing damaged data.

QB-Mac: Product Information

The Product Information screen offers important traces about the QuickBooks file. For having product information in QB for Mac, just press the Command + 1 keys to have more details on file size, transactions, targets, links and data on QuickBooks applications. Note that the QuickBooks database for Windows or Mac’ has limitations on the size of List tables. QuickBooksHelpSupport.Com

QB-Mac: Data Utilities

In the File>>Utilities menu, the Verify and Rebuild utilities are found.  The former type of utility performs a complete validation and verification of the database. It can return a message that shows b-check has failed. If such a thing happens, it means there is a structural damage to the database and you need to rebuild the file. On the other hand, the Rebuild utility has the same basic functions on the database of QuickBooks for Mac that it has for QuickBooks for Windows versions. This utility has been designed to eliminate damaged data from the file and rebuild the indexes for data tracking.

During file transactions, the cases of pre-rebuild and post-rebuild accounting balances may also occur.  QB users need to prepare the following reports before running the Rebuild Utility: All Transaction (all dates) Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss; Year-to-date Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss; prior Month’s Trial Balance and Year-end Payroll Summary; Year-to-date Payroll Summary and Year-to-date Sales-tax Liability Report.

If QuickBooks users are facing issues with data corruption, they can opt for QuickBooks support center or any other 3rd party tech support providing companies.

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