Top antivirus for Mac 2016 preferred by Mac aficionados

Mac aficionados proudly tell that Apple computers are inherently secure and need no protection. To some extent it is true as all Mac products carry the seal of Apple’s name. Thanks to Unix-based operating system OS X which is sandboxed. Technically, Macs are more than Windows PCs.  It is said that are far fewer Macs than Windows PCs and cyber criminals focus on the Windows world. These days, malware are used by criminals to make money. So, they target unprotected Windows PCs and Mac as well. There are many so called best antivirus for Mac (free and paid). Let’s see the worth of investing in Mac antivirus.


Intego Mac Premium Bundle X8 10.8: This antivirus is not cheap as it is a full-featured security product for Macs. It can be availed for one Mac for one year. In addition, it offers some optimization, parental controls, and backup tools. Contact technical support for imac

Panda AntiVirus 10.7: It is the only paid-for product and only pay-as-you-go antivirus. It ensures maximum protection for all your devices. It is perfect for families and users who need to protect their digital world. It lets you pay for the time you need.

SentinelOne: It is a really an interesting option which doesn’t use signature-based detection to filter out known threats. With the help of the cloud, it monitors software behavior and expel threats in real time. It makes a difference with a great performance and suits well for different businesses and large organizational needs. Support for mac

Kaspersky Internet Security: If you are interested in having the full internet security suite for Macs, then this antivirus can make a real difference. It is safer banking software which ensures you 100 percent threat detection from the antivirus and anti-spyware. There is also a 30-day trial that lets you use this software for your own purposes.

ESET Antivirus for Mac: It is another popular paid-for Mac antivirus and ensures you 100 percent threat detection. It has a significant impact on system performance and lets you save up to 25% with various cost-saving options. Mac users who want to test the antivirus can try it with a 30-day trial.

These entire five different Mac antivirus programs can be chosen by Mac users on the basis of their changing protection needs and budget as well. Avast Mac security, free antivirus Avira 3.2, Sophos antivirus, Symantec Norton security, and Bitdefender Antivirus 4.0 are also other available option for Mac. With the equipping of these software programs, Mac users can take a sigh of relief and feel free from the tension of Mac security.

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