Tips to improve Mac performance

Tips to improve Mac performance with free Apple [AAPL] Mavericks

Millions of Mac users are constantly upgrading OS X with the free Apple [AAPL] Mavericks edition. But some users are still complaining of slower Mac performance.

If you are one of such users, then consider the following tips that can contribute well in improving the system performance in an effective manner.
Don’t feel frustrated: If you are facing problem with new edition, then don’t panic as Apple’s OS teams are working hard to address new malfunctioning from generalized systems. Wait for a future Apple update that will be able to address many problems with OS X. Meanwhile, consider the following steps to get a better solution and overcome the problem of slowing down of Mac performance.
Update everything
If you’ve installed Mavericks, it is time to run Software Update. But, make sure all your Apple software is now running the latest edition. You can also consider all App updates that are simply available via the Mac App Store.
Verify your apps
Remember, you are not going to have all apps from the App Store for your system. It means a third-party app is harming the performance of your system. performance. You can also go for the Roaringapps Application Compatibility list in order to find out if your apps are Mavericks compatible. Don’t use incompatible applications until they are upgraded for the OS.
The big four: R, S, C, A
To run a healthy Mac, you need to update your system and its apps with the following steps:
Number One: Command-R
Depress the Command-R key and restart your Mac to launch your Mac in Recovery Mode. Run Disk Utility to verify when it is in recovery mode and repair your Disk and Disk Permissions. Then, restart your Mac.

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