Things to check: Recover forgotten iCloud ID password

Forgotten passwords are a frequent issue. People are advised to often change their passwords and choose a complex password for each service that makes their passwords hard to crack, but hard to remember, too. So it’s not surprising when people forgot their iCloud password. If something like this happens, you can simply take help from Apple customer support and get quality support for the same.

The iCloud password is a password which you can use to log into your iCloud on your Mac OS X and Apple devices, and also to log into However, by using Apple ID and password, you can help recover your iCloud. So if you can’t remember your App Store password, then it’s easy to recover your forgotten iCloud ID password. In case you are not able to recover your forgotten iCloud ID password, then you can simply dial a toll-free Apple customer support number and get instant solutions from certified technicians.


How to restore access to an iCloud Mail using Apple ID?

  • Simply visit My Apple ID.
  • Follow the Forgot Apple ID or password instructions.
  • Enter the email address for the iCloud Mail account whose password you have lost over under enter your Apple ID to get started.
  • Tap to Continue.

In case, you are still unable to restore access to an iCloud Mail using Apple ID, then you can take help from Apple online support number and get immediate help to restore your iCloud password.

How to recover iCloud password (only forgot password)?

  • First of all, open Apple official site to recover iCloud password with a web browser of your choice on your computer.
  • Now type your Apple ID and tap next.
  • Select Email authentication or Answer security questions. Enter the right answer as you had provided when you originally create your Apple ID.
  • Simply click on the link which you got in your Secondary email ID.
  • Open the reset password window and enter new a password.

By applying the above steps, if the problem still persists, then you can get in touch with Contact Apple customer service tech support and get relevant support for the same.

How to recover iCloud password (Forgot both Apple ID and password)?

  • First of all, open Apple official site for iCloud password recovery on your computer with a web browser.
  • Tap “Forgot your Apple ID?”.
  • After this, in the pop-up window, type your name and current email address. It’s better to enter previous Email Address too.
  • Tap to next.
  • Choose authentication method: Email authentication or Answer security questions.
  • If you have chosen email authentication method, then check your email to reset a new password. If you’ve chosen to answer the security question, then enter the answer accurately as what you set when you initially created your account.

For more solutions, you can simply dial Apple customer support phone number and get quality support help from the certified Apple technicians.

In case you set up iCloud on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, ensure to set up a passcode lock on your device for additional security. For this, Go to Settings > Passcode or Touch ID & Passcode. For this, you can also get in contact with a technical support providing company and get quality Apple support from the certified technicians at affordable rates.

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