Smart tips to master Apple Mail on iOS

Experiencing some technical issues while sending and receiving emails on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch? Are you experiencing the issue of not getting Apple emails or moving a message on iOS. If yes, then you have to go through the following basics that will help you know the way Apple Mails work on iOS. Apple Inc needs no introduction as it has already enjoyed the status of the world’s biggest technology firm that dominates the world with its technically sound Apple products and devices. Being equipped with unique features, Apple products are in high demand and are liked by technology lovers in all corners of the world. Surprisingly, world’s best technical products can make you experience some issue and Apple Mail on iOs is simply one of them.

Apple customer support help
When you take timely help and assistance from a reliable and independent Apple technical support service provider, you understand the difference between iMessage and SMS/MMS; learn how to use the Messages app in order to send texts, photos, and videos; get help when iMessage fails to work and when you have issues with group messages; understand the art of adding an email account on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch; learn the techniques of useing iMessage or FaceTime; understand how to messages on iPhone, iPad’; and how to confirm email settings for mail setup or troubleshooting? Below mentioned are some of the smart tips that Apple users need to understand so that they can master handling issues of Apple Mail on iOS. These include:
• Swipe down on drafts when you need to refer back to a date, address, or phrase from a previous message.
• Scribble over email attachments by tapping and holding the attachments.
• Tweak the gesture options to set the mail actions that you specially want quick access to.
• Set up thread alerts for a particular email thread.
• Delete all messages by tapping the relevant email box under the list of accounts.
• Instantly get to drafts in the easiest manner enough through the accounts list on Mail’s opening screen.
• Start an email on iPhone and complete the process on Mac or vice versa.

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