Simple Methods to Reset a Lost Administrator Password

It is possible that Mac OS X users forget administrator password and can’t find the original system CDs come with the software. When it comes to resetting a lost administrator password, Apple offers a method that can be easily used by inexperienced users too.  No matter which method you prefer to reset a forgotten administrator password, it won’t update the password as keychain is protected by the now-forgotten administrator password. With newer versions of Mac OS X, you can delete the keychain and start it with the following steps:

  • Open Keychain Access from /Applications/Utilities, and select Keychain Access > Preferences (Command-,). Technical Support customer Help For Mac
  • Reset My Default Keychain button by clicking it to delete the old keychain and create a new one through the new password. If there is no button, choose Edit > Keychain List and select the login keychain, and tick the minus button to delete the keychain.
  • Quit Keychain Access and start again the Mac to start a new login keychain.

In case you are not working with Keychain Access, resort to the command line using these steps:

Forgot Mac Apple Password Recover

  • Restart the Mac by rebooting it into Single User mode and hold Command-S for system back up.
  • Enter the ‘mount -uw /’ command once you have a command-line prompt as it will help you root Mac OS X drive as writable.
  • Type ‘ls /Users’ to find out the short name of the account through the list.
  • Enter ‘rm /Users/shortname/Library/Keychains/login.keychain’ to delete account’s login keychain and replace shortname correctly.
  • Then, type root to restart the Mac.

Now, you can reset the password with the following steps:

  • Use the command line: It is the best way to reset a forgotten administrator password of Mac OS X. If you’ve not turned off by typing highly specific commands, go for these steps: Open the Home folder; Restart the Mac to reboot into Single User mode; Mount the root Mac OS X drive as writable; load open directory; type the new password and start the Mac.
  • Use one account to reset another: With it you could log into one account to reset the password in another if a Mac had multiple administrator accounts.
  • Use the Installer CD or DVD for resetting passwords in older Macs.
  • Use the Recovery Partition to reset the administrator password when running Lion.
  • Use Your Apple ID.
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