Reasons you love and hate Intuit QuickBooks for Mac

All accountant, financial planners, and business owners have their own selfish reasons to go for a variety of accounting and financial management software programs available in the competitive market. Mac users who are interested in using QuickBooks from Intuit have plenty of choices in the form of Mac, Windows, or Web app version. All of these options are most likely to emerge as a right choice, but every option has some pros and cons that can make you keep your finger crossed when it comes to buying and using QuickBooks for Mac.


With improved and new features, such as faster launch time and better performance; easy to fill out time sheets; and direct printing on envelops; resizing columns on invoices, payments, sales receipts, and other forms, QuickBooks for Mac catches all eyes and makes a difference to QuickBooks online for Mac and as well as QuickBooks Mac desktop all versions. Accountants prefer to go for QuickBooks for its ability to let them view and update all financial records. Some people prefer to go for the QuickBooks Windows version over Mac version. You can blame costly annual updates and not often add crucial features for the same trend.

QuickBooks for Windows is said to be more versatile in its features than QuickBooks for Mac support. If you check things closely, you will find that payroll in Windows is stored on the system in order to prepare paychecks, formulate corrections, and make payroll reports. You can hate Mac for this feature but you can go against Windows as it restricts to the computer having QuickBooks. You are not able to enjoy this feature when you need to access the payroll solution away from the same computer.

Accountants love to go for Mac for tax returns facility despite it is complicated for individuals. Some people may show a red signal to Mac as some of its app’s data files aren’t cross-platform compatible. But its upside is that it lets you access your payroll solution from any device. Thanks to internet connection or web-based service for making things easy. Mac Technical Support Number 

Both the Mac and Windows versions of QuickBooks are more or less same in terms of cost. But the Mac can be your least priority as it has no payroll built in. To get payroll done through QuickBooks for Mac, QB users should purchase QuickBooks Payroll for Mac (in the cloud). Going for per month subscription is another option. Yet it will keep QB for Mac users unable to generate payroll reports.

With a mix of some pros and cons, QuickBooks can be a great choice as it has smart features which have been designed only for Mac versions.

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