Quicken 2015 for Mac moves ahead with new features

Quicken 2015 for Mac is ready to enhance user experience with a new user interface that resembles well with Mint, Intuit’s free cloud-based financial management tool. The newest version of Quicken dashboard displays accounts on your screen’s left side and summary screen on the right. Some of the additional features that mark the new version include:

  • A drop-down on transaction line which is easy to be edited on the fly.
  • Capability to monitor investments.
  • A transactions and portfolio view matching Mint.
  • Capability to break out and print taxable transactions for any financial year.
  • Well-matched with the Quicken Companion Mobile App
  • Ability to view charts and take a photo of receipts, and attach to a Quicken transaction.

Although Quicken 2015 for Mac has new features, yet it misses something that the Windows version owns. These include:

  • A calendar view of transactions and bills
  • Sophisticated financial and accounting reporting capabilities.
  • Investment performance information and projections.
  • 24/7 support for Quicken Bill Pay.

The improved version of Quicken 2015 is a small step in the right direction. Marcus Aiu, Senior Product Manager of Quicken, says an upgrade for Quicken Essentials users” that represents the next step in its goal to “get the Mac product up to the point where can migrate Quicken Mac 2007 users over to a more modern platform.”

Quicken mac support

With the new version, Quicken 2015 will be able to give a competition to its Windows counterpart.  Quicken 2015 for Mac is available for sale at a price tag of $74.99 and it can also be downloaded.

“In six months we’ll have more capabilities,” added Aiu. Apple Support

Incorrect relabeling every transaction, privacy of data in a Quicken cloud, and updates’ stop downloading ability are some of the common questions that are still unanswered with the release of the newest version of Quicken 2015. Comparing to Quicken’s new version, Mint is really a statement reporting and viewing tool, It is hoped that the new version of Intuit’s Quicken will help users get a better experience and accomplish their daily task in a perfect manner.

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