Putting JavaScript Out of Action in Apple Safari 5 for OS X

Apple Safari 5 users may have their individual reasons to disable HTML and web programming language JavaScript in Apple Safari 5 for OS X. Disabling high-level, dynamic, untyped, and interpreted programming language in Apple Safari can be a choice of Apple users as individuals see the JS as a security risk; JS render problems around the web browser; JS offloads the server load to customers; Devices with limited resources can’t run JS; and web crawlers used by search engines don’t have JS. If Apple Safari users are going to say no to javascript, they can opt for Apple Safari technical support service from Apple professionals.

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When it comes to removing javascript Apple Safari 5 for OS X (Tiger or other versions), Apple users need to open their Safari 5 browser. Be it a security or development purpose, Safari 5 users just need to abide by the following suggestions, from technical support experts for Apple products, in order to disable JavaScript in their browser. These steps include:

  • First of all, open your Safari browser.
  • Then, enter into the Safrari Menu and tap on Safari in the browser menu, which you will find located at the top of your screen. After this, choose the choice labeled Preferences when the drop-down menu appears.
  • Keep in mind that you can easily following keyboard shortcut “COMMAND (APPLE) + COMMA” if you are not using the above mentioned command.
  • Then move to the Safari Preferences and you will find Safari’s Preferences dialog displayed before you, overlaying your browser window. What you need to do right now it to click on the tab labeled Security.
  • Finally, the time to disable javascript has come. First you need to do find the Safari 5’s Security Preferences. And you will find it displayed in the third section from the top, labeled Web content. Here comes the option titled Enable JavaScript. Here, this option can be checked automatically and be activated. Simply uncheck the appropriate box and you will find JavaScript disabled with no hassles.

All these steps are suggested by Apple Mac Safari support experts. If Apple users find any issue while using these steps, they better dial an Mac phone support number to get adequate technical assistance from reliable resources.

Known for improved developer tools, support to new HTML5 technologies, creating secure Safari Extensions, Safari 5 enhances your browsing experience. But some security and development reasons can compel users to say no to the browser. So, you better consult Safari technical assistance to disable it.

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