Predictions for Apple Mac in 2016

We are hardly couples of days away from bidding adieu to year 2015 and welcoming 2016. Keeping in mind the updates of 2015 and future possibilities with Mac products, look at some possibilities that can mark Macs in the coming year. These include:

A new name for OS X

Apple should say no to “big X” and put the Mac back in OS X. With the joining of tvOS and watchOS in Apple’s iOS portfolio, it seems that macOS will join them. Macs are the only computers that run OS X, and the X seems like an artifact of 90s.

An improved Mac App Store

When the Mac App Store was launched, it was expected it would do wonders and help in growing Mac software sales. But it failed to make an impact as developers were frustrated by Apple’s security demands and the limitations. It is believed that the Apple will refocus on the Mac App Store and will make it worthy of the Mac platform. An improvement in App Store app is needed with fewer restrictions on apps.

Thunderbolt 3

With the announcement of the launching of Thunderbolt 3, the high-speed connection technology, from Intel will be compatible with USB-C ports. This port could standardize on all Apple computers across its entire line. The possibility of small port capable of attaching just about any peripheral may give Apple users a surprise in the next year. It is known that Apple discontinued offering both Thunderbolt and USB ports on almost all of its Macs.

apple mac 2016

A Retina external display from Apple

In 2016, it is possible that Apple users may get a Retina successor to Apple’s Thunderbolt Display. It will be great if Apple prefers to use Thunderbolt 3 and work with Mac Pros and MacBook Pros with a perfect combination of connection technologies and graphics processing power. mac-technical-support

A MacBook upgrade

It is possible that Apple products come with a new upgrade with its USB-C port and Thunderbolt 3. Addition of a second USB-C port to MacBook shouldn’t be taken as a surprise.

Retina spreading across the iMac line and the death of spinning hard drives can also surprise Mac lovers in the coming year.

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