Parallels’ server-based desktop app for Andorid and iPhone

The latest version of Parallels Remote Application Server 15 has been launched recently by the Parallels Inc that will allow you to run desktop apps on virtual machines and utilizing them down to your phone or tablet. It is possibly the biggest feature in the latest version and the company says that it is bringing a multitude of advancements in order to easily build and deploy server-based apps.

It is a major update after Renton, Wash.-based Parallels divided into two different units and separated from its service provider business unit called ‘Odin’. The company has a reputation in the competitive market as a provider of Parallels Desktop app for running Windows on Mac. By using Parallels Remote Application Server, all individuals as well as business enterprises can easily run apps and entire desktops on the servers. The company also claimed improved flexibility with the new version at a lower cost. The new version of remote app will give a tough competition to Parallels’ rivals including Citrix XenApp and VMware Horizon.

parallels desktop for mac

It is known that the older versions of Parallels were meant for running server-based apps on Windows and Mac machines. Now, the latest update is set to bring mobile in the sphere of running desktop apps. Moreover, Parallels tech support is there to make a real difference to the management of apps for running on mobiles.

Parallels’ remote access to Mac and Windows machines on Android and iOS with Parallels Access is universal. And the new update will induce all such features to run apps remotely. Now, users can swiftly reach virtual copies of desktop apps from their handheld devices. The new update will give IT departments more strength to set up new apps and configure end-user clients via a simple email link.

“Parallels is a completely separate business … There was very little synergy [between it and Plesk/Virtuozzo],” says Parallels co-founder and president Jack Zubarev Zubarev. “Plesk and Virtuozzo do have a lot of overlap in customers and the go-to-market for them is also very similar. But at the same time, we decided that with where the market is moving, it would be beneficial to really focus on just server virtualization [for Virtuozzo,” he added.

Parallels Remote Application Server version 15 is available at an initial price of $99 per year.

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