Parallels for running different operating systems in Intel-based Mac

Available in different versions, Parallels Desktop for Mac is a popular software virtualization machine as it permits you to run Mac and Windows apps side-by-side without rebooting your system. The latest version of Parallels lets you easily amalgamate the software with various Windows 8 features and Apple OS Mountain Lion. You can also run Lion as a guest OS in Parallels. The software is made by Parallels Inc. which is headquartered at Renton, Washington.

A definition given in Encyclopedia and published in PC Mag, “(Parallels Desktop for Mac) Virtual machine software from Parallels, Inc., Renton, WA ( that allows Windows, Linux and other operating systems to run in an Intel-based Mac running Mac OS X. In 2006, Macintosh computers began shipping with Intel x86 CPU chips, enabling Windows to run natively in the machine. Parallels also supports OpenGL 3D, the graphics language used in many high-end games.”

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Windows on the Mac Desktop

Windows can run full screen on the desktop in the Mac. The smoothest mode of operation in Parallels is “Coherence”. Windows apps can run in individual windows on the desktop with Mac apps. Windows apps get appeared in the Mac Dock when they are minimized. You can easily perceive them with the Mac apps. Interestingly, the Parallels Desktop comes with a migration utility which conveniently shifts all contents of a Windows PC to a Parallels virtual machine in the Mac. The same is also capable of converting virtual machines from VMware and Microsoft to a Parallels virtual machine. When users opt for switching to Mac Edition of Parallels, they need to abide by a USB transfer cable which successfully connects the Windows and Mac machines for the purpose of migration. Other elements, such as Boot Camp, Virtual PC, VMware Fusion and Parallels Workstation, also play a vital role in running both OSs on a single desktop.

Immense benefits and features of Parallels products

Parallels is a perfect software for the people who want to run different operating systems on their desktops simultaneously. Through Parallels Support Center, such people can take Parallels technical assistance and get benefited from the following Parallels products:

  • Parallels Desktop 11 for Mac: It is a new pro edition with lets you enjoy the benefits of Cortana on your Mac. With it, you can easily run Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and more versions in a hassle-free manner. This version is ready for OS X El Capitan with powerful performance and Mac gestures work in Windows.
  • Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition: This product is a boon for business enterprises as it lets you easily run work apps on their Mac. Being seamless and powerful, it directly helps you stay productive.
  • Parallels Mac Management for Microsoft SCCM: This product has features of extension SCCM to manage Macs; network discovery and auto enrollment; deployment of pre-built OS X images; deployment of OS X Configuration Profiles; application portal for Macs; and deployment and management of Parallels Desktop & Windows.
  • Parallels Access: This product of Parallels is the right resource for having the best remote access to your PC or Mac. It is fit for all iPhone, iPad, and Android devices and let users use some desktop apps highly compatible with your device. New features of file sharing and Apple Watch support add more perfection to the virtualization software.
  • Parallels Remote Application Server: Use of this product not only reduces your running costs but also helps you in getting effortless virtualization. With features of reporting-monitoring, Windows client management, load balancing and local and remote application, it is a useful tool for different uses.
  • Parallels Mobile Device Management: This product is a perfect fit for mass management of mobile devices. It also has features of remote lock & wipe, track Android and iOS devices, mass deployment of apps to groups of devices.
  • Parallels transporter: With this product, you can easily move all your files from your PC to Mac and also move browser favorites and bookmarks in an effective manner. To do so, you needn’t have any new software for the switching. It also lets your stuff works on your Mac.

Why Parallels tech support matters the most? 

All Parallels users who run multiple operating systems on their desktops are likely to face various issues with Parallels Desktop. Whether you are a user of Windows 7, Windows 8, Google Chrome™ OS, Android, OS X Yosemite, Mavericks, Mountain Lion, or Linux, it is possible that you are going to experience the following issues and problems:

  • Errors in opening Parallels Desktop on Mac and Windows 10 using Parallels.
  • Parallels can’t run Windows OS.
  • Parallels Virtualization and Upgrade Error.
  • Parallels 10 fails to evaluate and install on Mac
  • Can’t access Internet on Parallel virtual machines.
  • Parallels Desktop 10 stopped functioning well.
  • Unable to reinstall Parallels 10, launch Parallels Windows data file, and update Parallels Software.

Parallels tech support availed from Parallels support center is a great way to get rid of all mentioned-above issues, but you have to wait for long hours as your call may stick in waiting lists. Long waits result in productivity loss. That is why taking help from independent tech support providing companies can make a real difference. These companies understand value and utility of getting timely access to tech support and get the best out of the software for individual as well as commercial purposes.

Whenever you get connected to the best Parallels tech support through a reliable and active Parallels technical support phone number, you get meet certified tech experts who resolve all issues with the software by taking your system on a remote access.

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