Parallels Desktop or Boot Camp: Choose the best for running Windows on a Mac?

Parallels Desktop 7 commits Apple users the best Windows experience on the Mac. On the other hand, Boot Camp is also there to offer you the same. Now, the dilemma Mac users face is which one suits the Mac most. Boot Camp is easy to run Windows on a Mac but you have to reboot it. This drawback is a big disturbance for your work when you swing between using Mac OS X or Windows. There is a software that can help you get freedom from rebooting option and this software is called Parallels Desktop 7 virtualization software. This software not only helps you get rid of complex booting issues but also allows you run a complete Windows copy within Mac OS X. Have a look at what suits your Mac the best when it comes to running Windows.


Using virtualization Parallels or VMware Fusion are just a negotiation for users who need work seriously or have spent hours in full-screen Windows. Parallels committed Mac users full-blown Lion support for Launchpad, full screen mode and Mission Control. It also has the ability to run Mac OS X Lion as a guest device. The company also claims to run Windows “without compromising performance” as Parallels Desktop 7 runs faster with Windows 7. Mac help Number

Boot Camp is available free of cost and comes pre-installed on Macs. It is likely that you have to pay for getting its Mac virtualization product. It is reported that Boot Camp doesn’t support older versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, etc. If Mac users prefer to go for the Boot Camp route on Apple OS X Lion, then it is likely that users may stuck with Windows 7. And this situation can go against the Boot camp when it comes to running Windows on Mac.

For Maximum users, performance always matters the most when it comes to virtualization actually. You may need to run a video editing suite, play games, change audio or perform multitasks on Windows; you need speed and performance to do the same. Here, both Boot Camp and Parallels have to overcome the expectation of the users with the best output and performance criteria. If older versions of Parallels 4 or 5 are used, they might offer some quirks whereas version 7 is easy to use and work perfectly.

When you reboot the machine and get back into Boot Camp, the better performance of the Boot Camp outshines Parallels by margins. Both the software types have their ins and outs and they can also cause severe problems for Mac users. Mac users can take a sigh of relief as they will get Parallels Desktop support and Boot Camp technical support for Mac from the right authority.

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