Outlook for Mac 15.3 for commercial customer looks alike Windows version

With a perfect mix of stunning features, including clean design; consistent across platforms; and fast performance, Outlook for Mac 15.3 has made a mark since its release almost 20 months back. Interestingly, Outlook for Mac 15.3 is available free of cost to the people who have already subscribed to Microsoft Office 365. The latest version of MS email app for Mac is available for commercial customers, Office 365 Home, Office 365 Personal, and Office 365 University subscribers.

MS Outlook release looks and works identical to the Windows version. The new release from Microsoft is  great information if the user lives exclusively in an Exchange environment. On the other hand, things can be different for the users if they have to deal with other calendars and contact lists that are created elsewhere. It is reported that Outlook for Mac has some equivalence with Outlook for Windows. The new product has less “Mac-like” things as Microsoft’s designers have stuck to their own design language across platforms. With the new release, users will be able to find a new clean interface with simple icons. That is why you will find Outlook for Mac looks and works like Outlook. http://mac-technical-support.com

With a clean Ribbon interface, Outlook 15.3 also enjoys and resembles to the Windows version. There is a blue to indicate unread messages. That is why it is very easy to perceive than the bold marked unread messages in the last version. Moreover, users will find many elements of Outlook shifted under the mailboxes to the bottom. Now, you are not going to miss them at all. In addition, a new Weather Bar displays the forecast with long details. Performance of the device is fast and accurate, even better than Apple’s native Mail app.


Users of the software will always get the best out of the software as Microsoft Outlook for Mac help is available 24/7 by Microsoft support center and other reliable resources. Users facing any issues while using the software can get best support via using an Outlook tech support phone number. The only flaw that makes Outlook users to get updated to the new version is its cons that indicate to its incapacity to export or sync with other ecosystems. One more thing that Microsoft needs to take care of is its incomplete parity with Windows apps.

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