OS X El Capitan: Frequent issues in 2016 and their speedy fixes

With enhanced multi-window management, revamped Notes app, important performance, better spotlight search, improvements, metal graphics technology, pinned sites and tab mute for Safari, Apple’s ace operating system OS X El Capitan catches all eyes and offers its users added advantages in the simplest manner. Although the OS has incredible new features to Macs, yet it also witnesses some problems and issues as well. At forums, social media channels, and Apple customer centers, there is a long list of Apple users who complain of unexpected and weird OS X El Capitan problems on your MacBook, iMac and other Apple computers in 2016. Have a look at some common issues and their relevant solutions from Apple experts. OS X El Capitan installation Help

OS X El Capitan Installation: OS X El Capitan installation problems are common but the OS X 10.11.1 update has installer reliability fixes so Mac users run into fewer issues. If you restart computer after installation and it still runs OS X Yosemite, you need to run the OS X El Capitan installer again. If you are stuck on a gray screen during the installation process, just wait and watch. Then, try to boot into safe mode with these steps:

  • Start or restart your Mac.
  • Press and hold the Shift key immediately after hearing the startup sound.
  • Release the Shift key after seeing the Apple logo appear on the screen.

This way, you can resolve your Mac issue. If not, restore a backup and install it again. You can also go for clean install to resolve the purpose.


OS X El Capitan Microsoft Office 2016: After the OS X El Capitan release, many users have problems using Microsoft Office 2016 on OS X El Capitan. Now, such users can take a sigh of relief with a new simple solution in the form of OS X 10.11.1 update installation which is free for all users.

OS X El Capitan Mail problems: This problem can occur if users are not using Outlook 2016. To fix this issue, try upgrading to OS X 10.11.1 as it has two targeted fixes for OS X El Capitan Mail problems:

  • Issue where outgoing server information may be missing from Mail.
  • Issue that prevents display of messages and mailboxes in Mail.

You can also upgrade to OS X 10.11.2 with adding a fix that prevents Mail from deleting messages in an offline Exchange account. You can also get rid of the problem by deleting the mail account and re-adding it to your Mac.

External Hard Drive or SD Card issue: Some users complain of not using an external hard drive or a SD card on OS X El Capitan while connecting the drive or the SD card. Follow these steps to fix this issue:

Restart your computer to see if that fixes the problem. Remove the SD card and unplug the hard drive when you restart. Resetting the SMC and the PRAM on Mac can also be a good option to resolve the problem.

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