MacBook Pro and Air devices are long lasting and user-friendly

In the past couples of years, technology monster Apple Inc. offered an introduction to the upgraded version of its flagship products. Be it iPhone, laptop, watch or its music edition, every year a new edition stuns Apple users with lots of enhanced features and smart specifications in an effective manner. From hardware to software, Apple leaves no stone unturned to make its products highly useful and lead the market vehemently. Apple MacBook series comes with loads of stunning and attractive features and you can choose your choice products on the basis of budget, portability and configuration factors as per your specific needs.

In the market, you can easily avail three different versions of Macbook laptops: MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. Available 12 inch and 13 inch sizes, all three versions come with useful ports and powerful processors. That is why these Apple devices are first choice of all. 13-inch MacBook Air from Apple Inc. is a complete computer that has been elegantly designed with stylish curves a sleek body that catches all eyes. The resolution of this version is comparatively lower to 12–inch MacBook, but it comes with a long life and great battery MacBook. When it comes to MacBook Air, its processor is higher than 1-inch short version but both are highly-supported by customer support that one can easily avail from MacBook air technical support number or an independent technical support company via phone, email or chat.  MacBook Support

MacBook Air and Pro

A comparison between both versions show that 12-inch MacBook from Apple has a low processor and it is powered by Intel Core M. interestingly, 13-inch MacBook Pro and Air have Intel Core i5 and it offers data processing extraordinary speed. Moreover, both the versions of the same size perform better in terms of battery life and configuration. On the other hand, MacBook 12-inch has an edge as it is a portable laptop with light weight and thin body that make the laptop handy and useful for all purposes.  Mac Technical support number

The only thing that matters the most and emerges as a big deciding factor is price. This factor makes a real difference as it directly depends upon the affordability as per users’ budget.

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