MacBook battery Problem and Diagnose


Ways to resolve problems with a MacBook battery and diagnose battery problems


Mac portable computers are operated by batteries that are not long lasting and make computer users face lots of difficulties. Sometimes, MacBook switches itself off occasionally even if the battery is charged.

MacBook incessantly monitors battery health and you can easily view the current status of battery by holding down the Alt/Option key and clicking the battery charge icon shown at the top right of the desktop. Then you will find new four battery status messages: Normal, Replace Soon, Replace Now, and Service Battery.
The first sign Normal indicates that you have a healthy battery. The second one Replace Soon is a simple warning showing that you need to change the battery soon, although your MacBook is still functioning properly. But the last two signs Replace Now and Service Battery are clear indications that the battery is near dead. To avoid the poor performance from your battery, you need to dim the display, turn off Bluetooth connections, install software updates, remove connected hardware and quitting unused applications.
You can also go for third-party battery monitoring apps-Battery Squeezer, Coconut Battery and Battery Health- in order to monitor and measure the maximum charge of a battery against original capacity. With these apps, you can find detailed technical information on resolving a number battery related issues. The process of calibrating your battery involves:
• Charging the battery
• Draining it completely
• Charging it again.
To fix out different Macbook battery issues, you can easily go to Apple’s official forums and check out YouTube tutorials. You can also fix all common flaws with batteries by taking timely help and assistance from a technical support center that always guides you in the right direction and let you use your Macbook in an effective manner.
Apple says its MacBook retain 80% of its charge capacity after 1000 charge cycles. If your MacBook is still within warranty and the cycle count is significantly below 1000, then you should immediately take your Macbook to an Apple genius to get a better solution.
Battery of MacBook (white/black) model is user replaceable via coin screw on underside of MacBook. Battery of MacBook Unibody (A1278) model is user replaceable by depressing a catch on underside of unit.

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MacBook battery

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