Mac osSierra: 10 things you must be familiar with

Like every year, Apple has also introduces a new version of OSX. This time the company is doing the same thing but with a new name: macOS Sierra. If you are using OS X 10.11 El Capitan and want it upgrade to the version 10.12, this fall, you’ll be upgrading to macOS Sierra in place of OS X. Apart from the architecture and overall experience, the OS seems to be steadier with Apple’s iOS and watchOS. There are also many new features and specifications that all Mac lovers should be familiar with before they think of upgrading to the next version with or without the help of Mac technical support.

macOS Sierra-upgrade

  1. This month, Apple users will be able to try a public beta of macOS Sierra starting sometime in July. Right now, only registered developers have access to a very early beta version. Moreover, the OS is said to be loaded with smart features.
  2. The new Mac OS will be available as a free upgrade and works on Macs launched after 2010 and MacBooks and iMacs from 2009.
  3. Yes! Siri is being introduced this time with the new software and will pose a competition to Microsoft’s speech-driven assistant Cortana into Windows 10. Amazingly, Sierra’s Siri won’t respond to “Hey, Siri” because she will answer from a pop-up window to the notification pane or drag images.
  4. The Memories feature in Photos will take help from facial recognition and other smarts to unite relevant photos into movies that cover your pictures and add a soundtrack.
  5. This time, Sierra will unveil a universal clipboard that allows you save text on a Mac and paste the same into your iPad or phone, or vice versa. Apple ecosystem will make way for the automatic unlocking of a Mac. Apple tech customer support service number
  6. With the inclusion of picture in Picture feature, you can extract a video from a TWeb page and it will play the same on your macOS desktop without the adjoining Web page. The video will be active even if you switch among multiple desktops.
  7. Tabs that normally open multiple windows can now open separate tabs. And it will help in reducing clutter and easing navigation.
  8. Apple developers will be able to have Apple’s new Apple File System (APFS) to add new security, speed, and reliability features to macOS.
  9. This time, the Finder feature is coming out with some additions and lets you automatically empty items from the trash after 30 days. Windows already has had the similar feature for years.
  10. Now, it is possible to have automatic uploading from your Desktop and Documents folders to iCloud. If you don’t turn off this feature, your files and subfolders in your folder will be uploaded to your iCloud drive by default.

It is likely that you may have some issues with Mac os sierra download or Mac os sierra beta, but Apple technical assistance from Apple-certified professionals will make things quite easy for you.

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