Mac OS X Yosemite: troubleshooting printing issues

If your MacBook is facing issues while printing document through OS X Yosemite, then there are the possibility of some technical errors stopping your Mac to get print documents. The issue behind this problem is affected printer and needs a quick troubleshoot using the steps given below.

If you are having trouble in printing, first try these below-listed suggestions and troubleshoot the issue using the reset printing system steps:

  1. In case your printer is attached to your Mac, then ensure that it’s firmly connected and plugged into an electrical outlet, and turned on.
  2. Secondly, if you are using a printer on the network, then make sure your Mac and the printer are still on the same network, the printer is turned on, and the network is not creating an error. If the network has multiple printers, verify which printer you choose. Phone help Mac support numberMac-OSX-Yosemite-troubleshooting

Reset Printing System 

  • First of all, click the Apple icon, and then tap on system preferences.
  • In the Hardware section, tap Print and Fax/Scan. The Print and Fax/Scan dialog box open.
  • Right click (or Ctrl +click) in the left panel, and then tap on reset printing system.
  • Click OK to confirm the reset.
  • After this, type the correct name and password.
  • Click OK to rearrange the printing system. The Print and Fax dialog box show no printer selected.
  • This will eliminate all printers in the print and Fax/Scan, any printer removed can be re-added later by clicking the plus (+) symbol.

How to repair disk permissions?

  • Click Applications on the dock, and then click Utilities.
  • Double-click on Disk Utility functions.
  • After this, highlight your hard drive/partition on the left by default this is “Macintosh HD”.
  • Tap the Repair Disk Permissions option at the bottom of the window to complete the repair process, restart the computer and download and install the HP Printer Drivers for OS X.
  • After installation, you can add the printer. If for any reason your printer driver is not there, then choose the Air Print driver.
  • Select Add other Printer or Scanner.
  • Choose the printer you are adding and next to ‘Use’ you can select the printer driver.

Sometimes if you are using older versions of printer software, then they do not support the drivers for the printer and cause this issue. Always make certain to use updated version of software. To check the version go to system preferences and click on printer and scanner option to find the driver version. To update version, you can also take the help from a reliable Apple Mac technical support expert to resolve the issue skillfully.

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