Mac laptop suddenly turns off? What to do next!

Maximum Mac laptop users complain that their Mac laptop suddenly turns off suddenly and lead to startup-related problems. These problems are directly or indirectly to hardware or software-related failures that users need to correct or troubleshoot. Such an odd situation also indicates to a low battery warning and a new OS installation to hardware repairs. If your laptop shuts off suddenly, then it can be due to the following issues and problems. Also check what you can do with Apple’s built-in diagnostic options and reset procedures.


Corrupted Operating System

The files that damage your OS can also prevent your Mac from starting. Sometimes, you press the power button and find screen with a flashing question mark. Startup problems can also make Mac laptop not find a viable installation of OS X. If the startup process moves ahead, users will find the Apple logo with and a spinning progress indicator. It is also possible that a corrupt OS may halt the sequence. Now, you can start up from your Mac’s hidden Recovery System partition to troubleshoot your system. Just press “Cmd-R” and hold down the keys.

Battery Problems

If your Mac laptop suddenly turns off, it means your system is running without a reliable power source (battery) and fails to boot or function accurately. As the latest Mac notebooks incorporate built-in power cells, so you can’t replace them yourself. If you have access to a spare MagSafe power adapter, you need to know if your Mac product runs and your battery charges properly using an alternate power source. To replace the battery, visit an Apple retail store.

Hardware Defects

Hardware-related problems are difficult to diagnose if your system has a traditional platter-based hard drive with unusual noises. It indicates to a possible mechanical failure. Startup failures can also be due to non-functioning of solid state drives, system’s logic board, power supply or RAM. To test your computer, you have to disconnect all external peripherals and start the system by holding down the “D” key as it will boot your system. Apple Store support


An NVRAM reset clears the values stored in a small battery on the system’s logic board in order to uphold startup information. You can also press and hold “Cmd-Option-P-R” to clear NVRAM. Customer service number .

SMC Reset

Issues with Mac laptop suddenly turns off can also be due to the System Management Controller. Here, users need to follow a SMC reset procedure. Just press the power button and the “Shift-Ctrl-Option” keys and turn on the computer.

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