Mac doesn’t complete upgrade installation?

Occasionally a Mac fails to complete an installation process while updating an app or processing a System Update. If you are one of such aggrieved users, you needn’t worry as following are some smart solutions that help you know what to do and what not to do to make Mac have a successful and hassle-free update installation. Some Mac users perceive Mac’s inability to finish installing an update as a disaster. Now the main concern is possible loss of data and what Mac users should do in such odd circumstances. Mac users can opt for Mac technical support from Apple support center to resolve this weird issue. Mac OS X users find updates available on apps and the operating system. Sooner or later, it is likely that users find an interrupted update. Check out if it is really easy to make the Mac finish installing its update uninterruptedly.

If the process of updating Mac or software is interrupted, don’t panic! Remember: Mac OS X from Apple is an enormously robust operating system and chances of the installation going wrong are slim. Interruption during the upgrade from Yosemite to El Capitan is not a new thing. It can easily get back on track and complete the installation. In case you are installing an app from the App Store, you should open the App Store and hit the Updates options. Then, you will find an ongoing process of the update/installation. While installing an OS X update, you will see that the Mac OS X picks back up from where it left off and will continue.


Don’t be in haste and show some patience. Sometimes the progress of updating OS X Yosemite halts during the update and users complain of a stuck progress bar, with a blank grey screen. It can happen as OS update may take some more time to get the job done. If the progress bar is showing no movement, don’t think the OS X has stopped. The process is continued in the background. Simply, press Command + L to know the amount of time waiting to install. It may happen as you don’t have adequate free disk space.

Don’t accuse progress bar crawling across the screen and check the amount of free disk space and clear out some extra files before you jump to perform a system update. If things are still no working, try out these steps:

  • Press Command + L to bring up the Log and click twice on uninstalled files.
  • Shut off the Mac.
  • Start up the Mac.
  • See the bar progress and p Command + L to check installation progress.
  • Switch off the Mac again if that doesn’t work.
  • Start up the Mac in Safe Mode. Just open App Store and update apps in Safe mode. Reboot Mac.
  • Then restart the Mac and hold down Command, Option, P and R to reset the NVRAM. Just wait update starts.
  • Reboot the Mac and hold down Command + R to enter recovery mode.

Finally, start the installation process again from scratch and get result of your choice.

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