Mac Defender malware removal in Mac OS X v10.6

Recognized as an internet rogue security program, Mac Defender, Mac Shield, FakeMacDef, Mac Protector, Mac Security, or Mac Guard, can corrupt your Mac system when it comes from Internet and gets inserted into the computers that run the Mac OS X. Mac Defender is the worst enemy of Mac products as it can invade your Macs on the shoulders of images on search engines, pop-ups, malicious links, file downloads, and Internet browser links. With these unpredictable symptoms, Mac defender can make you fail to bring the best out of a wide and exhaustive variety of Mac products and look for instant Mac defender support from reliable resources.

Know how to get rid of Mac Defender malware in Mac OS X v10.6

These days, Apple users are facing severe virus issues that come to their Macs via a phishing scam that targets Mac users by redirecting them from lawful websites to fake websites. Such things happen, when Mac screen displays messages of infected Mac with a virus. Then, Mac users are enticed with Mac Defender “anti-virus” software in order to easily resolve issues.


But the truth is totally different as the so called “anti-virus” software is just a malware and its ultimate goal is to usurp Mac users’ credit card information for undefined fraudulent purposes. Now, the technology giant Apple has come out with a free software update which will automatically find the Mac Defender malware and remove it instantly.

When it comes avoiding the installation of this malware, you need to quit the browser you are using and find any sort of notifications about viruses or security software. If your attempt to quit the browser is not working, then Force Quit the browser. It is seen that many browsers may download and launch the installer for this malicious software by default. So, be aware and cancel the installation process. Make sure, you don’t enter your administrator password. Be smart and instantly delete the installer with a three-step approach:

  • First of all, enter into the Downloads folder or you can go for your preferred download location.
  • Then, drag the installer to the Trash.
  • And finally, empty the Trash.

In case you have installed the malware, make sure you offer no credit card information online at any cost. The only thing you need to do is to go for the following removal steps or take Mac Defender tech support:

Close the Scan Window> launch Activity Monitor in the Utilities folder> Select All Processes from the pop up menu>check out the name of the app under the Process Name column> click the Quit Process> Quit Activity Monitor app>open the Applications folder>locate the app, and starting dragging the app to trash, and empty Trash.

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