Learn how to use trackpad gestures to navigate OS X

Apple MacBook has numerous innovative features and specifications that make it first choice of all. Among these features, trackpad gesture is known for offering a really practical option which is used to control various functions and perform a set of meaningful tasks on your MacBook with the help of moving your fingers only. Apple MacBook gestures let you instantly zoom in, zoom out, navigate and scroll all documents as well as multimedia apps in an effective manner. MacBook Support

With multi-touch trackpad, it is easy to swipe, pinch, tap and spread your fingers all directions to perform various actions. As trackpad gesture works well only with MacBook OS X Lion and above versions, below-given are some tips to use trackpad gestures to navigate OS X. These include:

Scrolling: It is typically possible with mouse only, but Mac OS X lets you enjoy your Apple MacBook with two fingers as you can open pages on your website by sliding fingers up and down.

Mac OS X

Zooming in and out: By just pinching with two fingers, users can simply zoom large and minimize any page or image on Mac OS. They can also double tap with two fingers in order to zoom in and out automatically.

Notification Center: By swiping in fingers from the left to right edge, you can easily open notification centre. Then, you can open notification centre within few seconds.

Article rotation: Trackpad gesture also helps you in rotating images and other items on MacBook. By  moving two fingers you can get Mac OS X support.

Launchpad Open: With thumb and three fingers, you can open launchpad as its helps you to view the installed apps.

Show Desktop: Spread your thumb and three fingers individually to show the desktop of your Mac computers.

Mission Control View: Using fingers trackpad and swiping them upwards let you show you all the windows together. And swiping fingers back down is used for collapsing all windows. MacBook Pro Customer Support Helpline

Look Up: With this action, you can easily search a word.  or synonyms. If you look up a word to find its definition or search synonyms, tap on particular words.

Three Finger Drag: This gesture assists in dragging the window around the screen.

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