Know how to fix common OS X El Capitan problems

Named after a rock formation in Yosemite National Park, OS X El Capitan is the 12th major release of OS X, Apple Inc.’s desktop and server operating system for Macintosh computers. With many feature and specifications, the operating software makes a real difference to the Mac performance and functionality. Let’s have a look at some of the common OS X El Capitan problems and their solutions.

El Capitan technical support
OS X El Capitan installation problem: The OS X 10.11.1 update includes installer reliability fixes, so you will face fewer issues. If you install the OS and the computer restarts with still running OS X Yosemite, then run the OS X El Capitan installer again. During the OS X El Capitan installation, you may get stuck on a gray screen. Please wait! Try booting into safe mode if are still have no idea what to do by using the following 3 steps released by Apple.

  • Start or restart your Mac computer.
  • Press and hold the Shift key once you hear the startup sound.
  • Release the Shift key after you see the Apple logo displayed on your screen.

These steps may help you get you into your Mac. If you fail to do so, then you need to restore a backup and try again to install the OS.

Fix OS X El Capitan WiFi problem: OS X El Capitan WiFi problems are small in comparison with OS X Yosemite, still you may experience some sort of issues. When you experience any sort of problem with your new OS, then need to fix slow WiFi on OS X El Capitan.

As usual and preferred by almost all users, you can better restart your router and modem. Make sure you unplug them for about 30 seconds to a minute to get better result. If you are still unable to fix it, you can also try turning your WiFi off on your Mac. Support for Mac help

To do so, first click on the WiFi icon. Then turn WiFi off. Start is only after a minute turn. And this will surely fix many problems. If you are still unable to solve Wi Fi issues, then it can be a serious matter and you may need to call an expert.

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