Installing Microsoft Windows on Mac via Boot Camp

Boot Camp Assistant is a multi boot utility within OS X that helps Mac users easily install Microsoft Windows on their Mac devices. When the software is installed, users can restart their Mac in order to switch between OS X and Windows. If you are a Mac user and are going to install Windows using the Boot Camp, stop a moment before you begin. Make sure, you possess all mentioned-below hardware and software requirements: An Intel-based Mac, an Apple keyboard, mouse or trackpad, a USB keyboard, a mouse, a Microsoft Windows installation media or disk image, 55 GB of free disk space on startup drive, and a blank 16 GB or larger USB flash drive for some Mac models. When you have all these things before you, it means you are ready to have the utility on your Mac.


Apple users who are interested in installing older Windows versions need to confirm if their Mac supports older versions. If the Windows is being installed for the first time, users better install a full installation disc in place of an upgrade. Now the stage is set and Apple users can install Microsoft Windows on Mac via Boot Camp with the following steps suggested and recommended by Apple tech support professionals and experts. These include:


  • Check system requirements: All versions of Windows don’t need a certain processor due to hard drive space and memory (RAM). So, users should check the documentation available with the copy of Windows to ensure what you actually need. After this, use System Information (Mac model and Mac versions) to check the status of the Mac. Contact Apple tech support customer service number 


  • Get a Windows disk image: When you purchase Windows, it comes as a disk image file (ISO) that you download, or as an installation disc or USB flash drive. If your copy of Windows comes on a DVD, you should create a disk image of it to work with Boot Camp. If your version of Windows came on a USB flash drive, you can download an ISO from Microsoft.


  • Open Boot Camp Assistant: It is not possible to have Windows on Mac without the Boot Camp Assistant, so open this app from the Utilities folder and follow the onscreen instructions to automatically repartition startup disk and download drivers for Windows. You can go for a blank USB flash drive if you are prompted during installation.
  • Format Windows partition: Mac restarts to the Windows installer when you complete the assistant. While installing Windows select the BOOTCAMP partition and then click Format.


  • Install Windows: After this, you simply need to go by the onscreen prompts in order to finish your Windows installation with no hassles.


  • Restart your computer: After Windows installation, it is high time to switch between OS X and Windows. You can use the Startup Disk preference pane in OS X. You can also use the Boot Camp system tray item in Windows to choose your startup disk. At last, restart the computer.


These steps are likely to help you easily install Windows on Mac. If Mac users still have any issues, they can take help from Mac technical support center or any other 3rd party tech support company for having the best and hassle-free Windows installation on Mac.

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