Influential ways to Reset an Administrator Account’s Password in OS X

Apple Mac OS X is a protected and safe operating system, and at the core of OS X’s security is your Apple Mac password. But what do you do if you have lost or forgotten your Mac OS X password? If your Mac password doesn’t work or you’ve lost it, then don’t worry, for this you can simply dial a toll-free Mac customer support phone number and get reliable technical support from experts to reset the passwords in couple of minutes.

The password of your Mac OS X user account is also known as your login password. It’s the password that you use to log in to your Apple device and make certain changes, such as installing or upgrading software.


Following are some of the influential ways to reset an Administrator Account’s Password in OS X:

Change your password

In case you know your OS X password and want change it, then go to Users and Groups preferences:

  • Simply select system preferences from the Apple menu, then tap on Users & Groups.
  • Select your user name from the list of users.
  • Tap the Change Password button, and then follow the onscreen instructions. In case you’re using a password hint option, remember to update the hint for your new password also.

If the above steps are not able to change your Account’s Password in OS X Yesomite, El Capitan, or macOS Sierra, then you can contact a third party support providing company and get reliable Apple technical customer support from the expert technicians in a competent manner.


Reset your password

In case you don’t remember your Mac OS X password, or it isn’t working, then you can reset it using one of the methods described below.

  • Always make certain that you’re typing the correct password (uppercase or lowercase characters).
  • In case the password field shows a question mark, tap it to display a password hint that might help you to remember your password.

Reset using your Apple ID

In some versions of OS X operating system, you can also use your Apple ID to reset your login password. Follow the steps to reset your OS X password:

Reset using another admin account

  • In case you know the name and password of admin account on your Apple Mac device, then you can use that account to reset the password.
  • Simply log in with the name and password of the other admin account.
  • Select System Preferences in the Apple menu, then Tap Users and groups.
  • Tap the Lock button, and then enter the admin name and password again.
  • Select your user name from the list of users and tap the Reset Password button, and then follow the onscreen instructions to create a new password.
  • Select Log Out from the Apple menu.
  • Finally log in to your account using your new password.

In case you have forgotten the administrator account password, then it’s quite possible to create a brand new administrator account. For this you can also take help from certified Apple technicians to reset the password successfully.

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