Impeccable ways to resolve Wi-Fi Issues in Mac OS X EI Capitan

Latest update to Mac OS X is on the market and there are a range of bugs reported by Mac users. The most widespread and important bug which users are noticing is the Wi-Fi issue with Mac OS X El Capitan. OS X EI Capitan is the descendant of OS X Yosemite with some supplementary features which mainly focus on stability, security, and performance. According to Apple Inc, the latest update of OS X EI Capitan viewing messages and launching apps in OS X is much faster compared to OS X Yosemite.  But several users are facing some Wi-Fi issues in Mac OS X El Capitan. To resolve these Wi-Fi issues, you can simply take Mac OS X EI Capitan technical support from a reliable tech support providing company.

The new OS update from Apple is constantly creating some problems for users who own iOS or Mac Devices. Apple repeats the history in the case of iOS 9; after the release of iOS 9, users faced surplus of problems. El Capitan also is no better when it comes to teething troubles. Many Mac users have raised their concerns over Wi-Fi issues in Mac OS X El Capitan. For instant assistance, you can take timely and reliable technical support from Apple to fix the issue.

Wi-Fi Issues in Mac OS X EI Capitan

Users with OS X EI Capitan on their Mac devices may come across Wi-Fi issues, such as Wi-Fi may not work, dropping connections or slow internet speed. You can without difficulty resolve your Wi-Fi problems by deleting some system level preferences and creating a new Network Location with DNS settings. For creating a new Network Location with DNS, there are several steps but is not difficult. However, before proceeding for any deletion or creation, you should take an absolute backup of the Mac OS X EI Capitan. For this, you can also take reliable online Apple customer services to resolve Wi-Fi issues in Mac OS X EI Capitan.


 How to Fix Wi-Fi Issue in OS X El Capitan?

Sometimes the Wi-Fi problem can be resolved by following some simple steps.

  • First of all, turn off the router and turn it on after some time.
  • Now restart your computer.
  • Tap on Safari, and then tap on Preferences.
  • Tap on Advance and choose Show Develop menu in menu bar.
  • In Develop menu bar, tap on Develop, and then tap on Empty Caches.
  • Reboot your Mac and make sure whether your problem has been resolved or not.

In case you still face the same Wi-Fi problems, then you need to delete some system level preferences. For this, you can also take Apple Mac remote support to resolve the issue with the help of certified technicians. You can also delete the System level Preferences and repair your Wi-Fi problems by following these simple steps:

 Delete System Level Preferences

  • First of all, create a New Folder on your Mac to backup your existing Wi-Fi Preferences.
  • Now turn off your Wi-Fi connection from the upper right side menu.
  • After this, open the Finder from Dock and then hit on Command, Shift and G simultaneously to get Go to Folder Command. Choose the Path appearing on your screen.

For more solutions, you can visit the official website of company or simply contact a third party tech support providing company and get impeccable ways to resolve Wi-Fi issues in Mac OS X EI Capitan.


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