iCloud perspective and challenges for Apple Mac developers

When it comes to having up-to-date data and avail the same data on every device without having hassles of carrying systems and drives with you, Google Docs, Dropbox, and an IMAP email are some of the pivotal services that matter the most. These services are getting popularity and can be used in order to avail valuable data anytime, anywhere on the go. In the same manner, iOS users also expect hassle-free access to their data on their Macs, iPads, and iPhones. Interestingly, Apple targets to satisfy users’ need with iCloud and assures developers to keep their users’ data in sync. Although, there are a gradually increasing number of developers who are employing iCloud support within their apps, yet the adoption rate for the same is unexpectedly low. Apple offers developers 3 distinct iCloud syncing approaches:

  • Document-based iCloud syncing method to save filed to iClouds.
  • Key-Value data iCloud syncing method to store tiny bits of information.
  • Data Storage iCloud syncing method for data creation using an app.

When it comes to using these approaches using iCloud, the last approach seems to be more complicated. The first two options seem easy for developers. But the thing is why developers are hesitant to embrace iCloud.



iCloud from the perspective of Apple developers

An iOS app maker thinks, “There are other places, like Core Data database support, where iCloud is still somewhat half-baked, and the majority of the implementation work remains in the developers hands.” “So for the time being I’ve taken a wait-and-see attitude toward iCloud,” he added. http://mac-technical-support.com

Another maker has a different view, “We are hard at work on implementing iCloud synchronization in Yojimbo.” Unfortunately, the company has “certainly encountered unexpected technical challenges while bending iCloud synchronization to our will.”

Another developer believes “happy with the [iCloud] feature set,” have “issues … with the implementation of those features.”

Now the question is why developers face challenges and why they tend to focus on these objections to iCloud’s implementation. Some possible and seen reasons include:

  • Technical issues with the API the iCloud API is too low level.
  • Unease regarding its reliability as iCloud not syncing between devices.
  • Complaints surrounding iCloud’s scope and functionality.
  • The Dropbox option: A free cloud-based storage service. Moreover, Dropbox sync is an enormously popular feature across apps.
  • Potential competition in the cloud space and emergence of new icloud alternatives.

When it comes to embracing iCloud by developers, Apple needs to find a way to make the service simpler to use, and more reliable to boot.

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