How to troubleshoot Apple Mail on OS X Mavericks?

Apple Mail is the default email client that by default comes with every Mac using OS X 10.0 or later. OS X Mavericks users generally complaint of annoying problems with reference to Apple mail on their machines when they retrieve, delete, and move messages.

Although Apple hasn’t yet fixed things, yet some mentioned-below tips can help you resolve the matter in an amicable manner.
When it comes to troubleshooting of Apple Mail on OS X Mavericks, maximum OS X users like to quit and restart Mail that forces the app to download new messages. But Apple has a different but a temporary fix. Here, Apple recommends a substitute method in order to force Mail to recommence message downloads. By using this approach, you needn’t require to restart Mail to get rid of the common problem.
Choose Mailbox>Take All Accounts Offline
Choose Mailbox> Get All New Mail
You can also make a shortcut for the two above processes in your Mail toolbar.
Choose View>Customize Toolbar
Here, you can drag the Take All Accounts Offline button to the Toolbar, in case that button is not already present.
You can also drag the Get Mail button to the Toolbar (This button is very likely to present in your app toolbar).
After doing these processes, you need to click the Take Offline button to receive new messages in near future. Then you must click the Check Mail button. To do the same, you can also build an Automator script.
If you are failing to send or receive email due to constantly spinning of your mailbox, it means IMAP is not syncing. In such a case, you can try the following steps:
• Close
• Go to /Users/your_profile/Library/Mail/IMAP-account_concerned/.
• Delete hidden folder .OfflineCache.
• Start again.
These steps will help in creating a new OfflineCache folder.
If you are facing persistent problems with Apple Mail on OS X Mavericks, you can solve all issues in an effective manner by taking timely support and assistance from Apple technical experts who have authority and experience to fix all issues.

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