How to Sync Safari iCloud History from Mac OS X?

iCloud is one of the most consistent platforms for Apple users to store vital information online. If you are a MacBook, iPad or iPhone user, then there are numerous methods through which you can backup your each and every source and surfed history on Internet using Apple’s Safari browser. If you need to know how to Sync Safari iCloud History from Mac OS X, then you can take help from Apple Safari technical support for syncing browser history and get instant help for the same.

In most of the Apple devices, the history gets robotically synced on the devices. On those devices you don’t have to do much about backing up the data in your iCloud storage. You just have to make certain that all the devices you are using have a single Apple ID so that the data can be synced without any pause. For any type of tech assistance, you can simply dial a toll-free Mac OS X safari tech support phone number and get instant help from certified technicians.


By using your Apple ID, you can effectively sync Safari history in all your Apple devices attached to the same Apple ID and using iCloud, whether running iOS or OS X it doesn’t matter, but the procedure is initiated from Safari on the Mac OS X. Consecutively to have access to this feature, you need to facilitate the hidden Safari debug menu first, and a modern version of Safari. You can also take Apple browser technical support to Sync Safari iCloud History from Mac OS X or can simply take online customer services to resolve the issue.

Manually Sync Safari iCloud Data & History from OS X

  • First of all, open Safari on the Apple Mac if you haven’t done these settings yet, be certain the Debug menu has been enabled through the defaults command.
  • Now pull down the Debug menu and at the very bottom selection, select “Sync iCloud History”.
  • You have to keep in mind that any deleted history will not be sync, and is removed permanently from all devices that you are using on the same Apple ID simultaneously.
  • Manually Sync Safari iCloud Data is the easiest troubleshooting trick, but the Debug menu in Safari has some other attractive options as well.

Always keep in mind that the deleted history will not be synced again and is concurrently detached from all the devices using the same Apple ID. The procedure is initiated from Safari on the Mac OS X but can run on iOS devices also. If you need any sort of help, then you can take the Apple remote technical support for Safari iCloud Data and get help from certified technicians.

For more help, you can contact a third party tech support providing company and get instant support for the same.

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