How to Resolve “No Camera Available” Error Message in Mac OS X

Most, if not all, of the Mac computers are featured with a built-in camera so as to power its video communication through FaceTime and Skype application – previously, the camera was known as iSight for older Mac computers. Almost all the time, the camera functions perfectly without any technical problems.

However sometimes, you come across an issue with the camera when you connect it to make a video call through either FaceTime or Skype. It shows an error message like “There is no connected camera.” It’s really a frustrating moment when you got the camera not working with the FaceTime and Skype video calling. Camera error support for Mac OS X


Though the situation may make you get worried, but it is not a big problem as you can overcome it easily without taking it to the service center. Else, you can also get in touch with an independent Apple technical customer support company that can resolve the issue in a real time affordable.

And don’t think, the issue has been caused by any hardware issue, as a program named as VDC Assistant may invoke the issue with camera, if it becomes unable to handle and control the functions.

So regardless of replacing the camera, you need to fix the error with VDC Assistant program. Here in this write-up, there are some effective procedures to heal fix the issues.

  • Close all those applications that use the camera.
  • Go to the terminal through Application/Utilities directory.
  • Type this command “sudo killall VDC Assistant” without any special characters.
  • Give password if asked.
  • And now open the applications that you were using with the camera.

You will see the changes after executing the steps mentioned above. If you are still not able to use it to the fullest, you try the following advanced techniques:

  • Check if the camera does work in another user account. There is a chance to have issue with your user account.
  • Connect the camera to your Mac computer and make sure your computer system identifies the device.
  • You can also check the camera with other application. If it is working properly, you need to reinstall those apps that are not comfortable with the device.
  • Finally, you also reset SMC on your Mac if no technique is working.

So hopefully, these methods may help you resolve the issues. You can use these steps for both previous Mac OS (iSight) and latest Mac OS (FaceTime).

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