How to recover your Apple ID password using email or security questions?

Forgotten passwords are somewhat a common problem that everyone is facing. People are frequently changing their passwords and create a complex one for their each service which makes passwords harder to remember and crack too. In case you forgot your Apple ID password you use for everything like shopping the iTunes Store, signing in to iCloud, buying an app, and more, you need Apple support center’s assistance. To reset your Apple ID password, you need to know the email address for your Apple ID. If you’re not certain which email address it is, there are a few ways you can find your Apple ID. Http://Mac-Technical-Support.Com


Resetting Your Password

You can simply reset your password by visiting the Apple ID account official page and click on the Forgot Apple ID or password. After this step, enter your Apple ID and tap the “Next” button.

Answer Your Security Questions

You can also use security questions if you know the answer to your security questions, pick “Answer security questions.”

Use Email Authentication

While choosing the email authentication step, you will “Get an email,” Apple will send an email to your primary account or rescue email address that you can use to reset your password. However, if you didn’t get the email, visit and get the relevant help from the expert technicians over the call.

Using Two-Step Verification

If you use to set up two-step verification method, you can simply change your password. All you need is a recovery key and a trusted device and follow the steps below:

  1. Enter your Recovery Key
  2. Choose a trusted device and Apple will send your device a verification code
  3. Enter the verification code
  4. Put a new password and select Reset Password.

If you permanently lost your recovery key or access to your trusted device, you can’t change your password.

Using Two-factor authentication

If you have two-factor authentication, you can simply reset or change your password from your trusted iOS device by following these steps:

  1. Go to Setting > iCloud.
  2. Click on your name option.
  3. Click Password and Security.
  4. Click “Change Password.”
  5. Enter a new Password.

Moreover, the steps mentioned above noted will only work from a trusted device with a device passcode enabled to function. If you don’t have a trusted device, you can reset your password by simply following the below given steps:

  • Simply, go to and put in your Apple ID.
  • Put in your trusted phone number and hit Continue.
  • Enter the verification code that Apple sends to your trusted phone number.
  • Provide any account information during the request segment.
  • Set your new password.

If you are facing any type of trouble with signing into your Apple ID after resetting your device or receiving verification codes, you can also request account recovery to gain access to your account. After the complete process of resetting your password successfully, you can sign in again with your new password.

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