How to fix iScam generated on iPad and iPhone devices?

Most of the Apple users are getting threat from an iPhone scam demanding them to dial a number and pay up to £50 or $80 for a fix to fix the issues and get back all stolen details in a convenient manner. While working on their devices users get a message appeared on their screen which says: ‘Warning iOS Crash Report – Due to a third party application in your phone, iOS crashed. Contact support for an immediate fix’. Users are then told to call one of a list of numbers – ‘1-800-xxx-xxx′ in the US or ‘0800 xxx -xxx′ or ‘0800 xxx xxxx′ in the UK – and over the call, someone will them for their personal details, like credit card details to make a payment to solve the problem. The person over the call also says a third party has been removing all their information from their handset and this can only be stopped by paying up to £30 ($47) in Britain, or $80 (£51) in the US to the scammer. Mac-Technical-Support.Com


To resolve this trouble, users have come up with a quick fix that involves placing their phone in the airplane mode which will turn off all the connections and also clear website browsing history. After this, users can relaunch safari browser for their use. Customer support for iPad

Procedure to beat the iSCAMMERS

If your Apple device is also frozen by this warning message, take these steps:

  • Press the Home button to exit Safari.
  • In Settings, enter Airplane Mode.
  • In Settings, look for Safari settings, and clear your internet. Browsing history and cookies.
  • Reopen Safari and the pop-up warning should have gone.
  • If not, take your device out of Airplane Mode.

After applying these steps if you are not able to beat the scammer, then dialing a toll-free Apple tech support number is the right choice to get customized solutions.

One of the Apple users named Dizzer88 wrote on the forum last November: “I too called the phone number to see what was going on. It went straight on hold when I called – didn’t ring – and then when someone came on the line, it was a woman who I could barely hear due to the noise in the background”. iPhone support number

Several of the Apple users have discussed the problem which can apparently be averted by turning off pop-up adverts on a device.

Have you been affected by the scam?

  • Being very convenient and user-friendly, it should be stressed that accessing the internet from a mobile device is not without risk.
  • It is strongly recommended that each devices security protocols are set to the highest level and use Pin codes to lock Sims, keypads and voicemail, particularly when your mobile device contains amounts of personal data.
  • Caution should be employed when using public Wi-Fi hot spots, i.e., coffee shops, libraries, as these areas are not secure and; hence, any transactions could be compromised.
  • Avoid downloading apps from non-official sites as they can be used to install malware.
  • Be watchful of others looking at your screen.
  • Users should be aware that photos taken from many phones have embedded location information.

For more details about the scam, you can contact a reliable third party support providing company that offers you optimized solutions in a short span of time.

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