How to fix common OS X EI Capitan problems?

El Capitan, the latest update to OS X, seeks to make the OS better with various performance enhancements and interesting new features. This update adds a collection of implausible new features to Macs.

As Mac users have worked with the new operating system, they have noticed several problems that seem linked to El Capitan. Here are the most common issues people have struggled with, and the best solutions for getting those issues resolved effortlessly. Technical Support for Mac


Installation issues in OS X EI

If your computer starts after what you assumed was an installation, but it’s running on OS X Yosemite the first thing to do is install the OS X EI.

  • If you are stuck on a gray screen during the OS X El Capitan installation you can try to simply wait it out, which works for some users. If that fails you may need to try booting into safe mode. Use these three steps from Apple.
  • Start or restart your Mac.
  • Immediately after you hear the startup sound, press and hold the Shift key.
  • Release the Shift key when you see the Apple logo appear on the screen
  • This may get you into your Mac. If this fails you may need to restore a backup from Time Machine and try installing again. Or you can try a clean install.

After installation of the new update, OS X El users have notice slow performance of their devices, especially on Mac. The reason could be low memory or it could be that you need to free up some disk space. One of the most common complaints you’ll find about OS X is that it starts slowly. To overcome this problem, you should simply call on Mac OS X EI Capitan Support number and resolve the performance problems related to your Mac software.

OS X EI Capitan Bluetooth problems

After upgrading to OS X EI captain many of the users have reported Bluetooth connectivity issues with apple magic trackpad. If you run into such type of problems, the best thing is to repair your devices. Apple number tech support

Users facing OS X EI Capitan Bluetooth issues should install to OS X 10.11.2 as this version includes fixes to prevent Bluetooth disconnecting.

Printing issues

If you are facing any type of problem in Printing on your Mac after this OS update, then follow the steps below to resolve the issue:-

  • Try this: go to System Preferences>Printers & Scanners and select Print.
  • Now two-fingered click or Ctrl-click on the affected printer and select Reset printing system.
  • Finally, restart your Mac and your printer.

For more solutions regarding your OS X El software problems, you can contact the third party technical support provider to get quality solutions for your problems.

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