How Mac and iOS users overtake Outlook?

The practice of using Microsoft’s Outlook client for email, calendars, contacts, tasks, and notes is common in the corporate world. If Outlook users use a Mac or an iOS device, they will find a huge difference between Mac and Microsoft products and will understand why Mac Mail has an edge over Outlook.

Outlook is sluggish and puzzling on the Mac, as is Outlook Web Access (OWA) on iOS. Interestingly, there is some improvement in less-capable Outlook for iOS but it still fails to handle POP emails, out-of-office notifications, or basic contacts settings. When it comes to handling folders, Outlook remains awkward and fails to access notes or tasks. Outlook on Mac performs well because Macs and iOS devices are well-equipped with really good client software from Apple — Mail and Calendar. That is why users can get better performance from Mac and say adieu to Outlook and OWA.

Mac Outlook Support

When it comes to Apple products, The Notes app from Apple is simply adequate as its latest app with iOS 9 is improved and simple to use than Microsoft’s complex OneNote app. Contacts is good for supported user information, but it crumbles in iOS and doesn’t allow creating of groups. In Apple’s iOS, one can simply address emails to groups, but it still doesn’t edit or create groups. Apple’s task manager Reminders is simple but not elegantly-designed, but Microsoft has no equivalent for Apple’s task manager. Apple Mac Support

It is a fact that people continue to suffer with Microsoft Outlook but they still don’t go for Apple’s Mail and Calendar clients. There is a misconception that uses won’t get all the capabilities from Apple’s clients. Interestingly, Apple’s clients are capable of doing all jobs perfectly like Microsoft’s Windows and Mac clients. The only thing that users will miss with Mail is that they can’t set up a delegated user for the purpose of accessing emails from their account. But they can pass on calendars in Calendar on the Mac.

In addition, there are some tricks that give Mail an edge over Outlook. Moreover, Apple’s clients work with core Apple services, including Handoff and data detectors.

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