Highly developed steps for fixing problems with iTunes Store connection

Sometimes, hosts file or firewall setup blocks the iTunes Store and doesn’t allow you direct access to the iTunes Store owing to the following reasons: Incorrect date and time settings; blocked cookies; blocked access to iTunes Store servers and ports; hosts file entries; software firewall settings; an Apple system issue; and an issue between iTunes and security software. Let’s have a look at some of the iTunes issues and their possible solutions in Mac, Windows, and iOS.


Isolate the issue in Mac, Windows, or iOS with iTunes support

  • Check for iTunes Store alerts.
  • Open My Apple ID and ensure you can manage and sign in and Apple ID. If you are unable to do so, it can be due to wrong date, time, and time zone settings. If settings are correct, then Mac users may face the issue of blocked cookies needed by the iTunes Store.
  • Go for the testing of another network. If the issue continues, then ask the network administrator to let you direct access to iTunes Store servers and ports. If the same issue is separated in your computer, then it could be due to blocking iTunes by host files. Apple Technical customer Support service number

Verification of date and time settings in Mac, Windows, or iOS with iTunes support

If you are unable to manage your Apple ID, then you need to check your date and time settings.

For Windows:

  • Take access to the Date & Time Control Panel. In Windows XP: You need to click the Start button and Run and enter timedate.cpl. In Windows Vista & 7: You need to choose search box and enter timedate.cpl of the start menu. In Windows 8: use the Search charm to search for timedate.cpl. In Windows 10: You need to utilize the search box and then enter timedate.cpl.
  • Then, you should check to see if the matching status of date and time settings exactly match the current date and time. Once you are done with the same, it is high time to click OK.

For Mac:

  • Choose System Preferences from the Apple menu and click Date & Time.
  • Then, choose “Set date and time automatically,” in case it isn’t selected.
  • Then, click the Time Zone tab and adjust it matching your current location.

For iOS

  • Here you need to check if your device has a date and time issue.
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