Get around the biggest OS X El Capitan problems

OS X El Capitan, the latest and greatest desktop OS from Apple, is arguably considered as the most solid and usable desktop OS. With a couple of bug-fixing updates, the OS is likely to render a smooth and hassle-free performance. It’s difficult to find any major problems with the OS. With successive releases of the second OS X 10.11.5 beta to developers and OS X 10.11.4, the 4th update to the OS X 10.11 operating system, almost one month back,OSX El Capitan from Cupertino, California-based technology giant Apple Inc seems to be more fruitful to millions of new as well as existing customers who want to bring the best out of their Mac products with no hassles. Moreover, availability of OS X El Capitan support ensures users their choice solutions.

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Although invulnerable OS X El Capitan is more reliable with new updates, yet it can make you feel the most annoying OS X problems if you are not a tech-savvy. Following are some of typical OS X El Capitan problems and their easy fixes.

  • Unresponsive app: Your OS X El Capitan-bound Mac can be prone to the odd behavior of an app that decides to freeze. Users can easily quit an app on Mac with double-fingered slick (on a trackpad) or Cmd & click the app icon. Go for Froce Quit in the dock. If not, perform the OS X equivalent of Control-Alt-Delete, which is Cmd-Option-Esc. Mac users can opt for Mac OS X support to get this issue sort out easily.
  • Slow Mac: Slow start and operation is one of the most common issues with OS X for some unknown memory-rated reasons. Just search for Activity Monitor in Spotlight (Cmd & Space) and click on the Memory tab. A green Memory Pressure chart indicates no problem whereas an orange or red one indicates to memory issues that slow down your Mac. Just unearth memory-hogging apps and sort the listed apps out and ignore apps having Root listed. Close all top apps under your username by hitting on them. If things are not functioning smoothly, getting right OS X support can make a difference.
  • Corrupted WI-FI connection: A flaky Wi-Fi connection is a big headache for Mac users. The good news is that, now, Mac is set up for router’s 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. The former one is slower but it has a greater range than 5GHz. 5GHz band priority makes a difference. So, go into System Preferences > Network > Wi-Fi and hit the Advanced button. Then, click and drag your 5GHz network. If still face issues, go with the 2.4GHz connection. Then, scrap existing Wi-Fi preferences and create a new one.
  • Non-functional split view: Even the presence of two windows in El Capitan, some users are unable to work seamlessly on both together. So, reinstate Split View by going to System Preferences>Mission Control and select Displays. Then, it is time to reboot the Mac.

Moreover, slow spotlight and printing issues are also known for adding more stress to Apple users head. But, they can get the best support for OSX for Mac from reliable resources.

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