Full Screen and Split View features to mark Outlook 2016 for Mac

World’s leading technology brand Microsoft Corp is known for delivering Microsoft users regular updates and upgrades so that users can bring the best out of their machines and can use the best technology with no hassles. Keeping the same trend in usage, Microsoft has added support for Mac OS X. This time, this support is meant for Full Screen View and Split View features to the latest version of Outlook for Mac. Now, the company has come out with the support for Microsoft Outlook 2016 for Mac after getting numerous customer requests. The company believes that the new addition will help Microsoft customers easily manage manifold email messages in an easier manner.

Full Screen View

Outlook 2016 props up Full Screen View on Mac OS X Yosemite and newer versions. In case you’re not familiar with Full Screen View feature, then there are some supported apps that usually have a Full Screen button displayed in the window corner. You can also use CTRL + CMD + F or a trackpad gesture in order to snap it. With the new feature, the app exactly adopts the whole screen and makes the system menu bar get disappeared. Moreover, you can also have access with mousing along the appropriate screen edge. http://Mac-Technical-Support.Com


“By switching to Full Screen view, you can focus on incoming email messages in a distraction-free environment,” says Microsoft. There are certain tasks in Outlook titled ‘Focus View’ that utilize Outlook in Full Screen View. The same thing can be understood in a scenario where a new email is opened or replied and, consequently, the message window is appeared over Outlook. Moreover, the app supports tabs for each open window. While working on the message, you may need to go back to the inbox. So, simply click outside the focus window in order to minimize a tab bar which allows you to steer among the minimized messages.

Outlook 2016 also helps in gaining a side-by-side view which allows Microsoft users do things and view two email messages side-by-side. You can also copy information between the two messages. Interestingly, Microsoft has indicated that it may increase support for more messages in the future.

Split View

Outlook 2016 supports the Mac OS X Split View feature which is really exclusive to OS X El Capitan. This feature ensures that Microsoft users can divide various Outlook modules. At present, they can expect support for Full Screen View and Split View update for Office 2016 for Mac.

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