Features that make antivirus shield against Mac virus

Data protection and information security always matters the most when it comes to getting the best out of Mac products in the least amount of time. There is no dearth of free as well as paid antivirus software programs for Mac in the competitive market. These not only boast of 100% protection for online threats but also annihilate the malicious software instantly. Be it adware, unwanted programs, dubious pop-ups, browser, hijackers, software installation options, and free software downloads, all are ready to attack your Mac products when you go online or run Windows on your Mac. Peace (Drew/Macmag) virus, INIT 29 virus, ANTI virus, Dukakis virus, nVIR virus, and Scores virus are the most infamous viruses that pose serious threats to Apple Mac OS X operating systems and Mac laptops.


When it comes to getting rid of Mac Virus and make your Mac products free from malware infection, you need to install an antivirus that has the ability to render 100% protection to your system. Have a look at some of the features of a complete antivirus program that ensures data safety and security from unwanted attacks. These include:

  • A good antivirus program needs to have a solid and easy-to-use interface for managing custom on-demand scans of files, folders, or drives on your Mac.
  • An accomplished program must have the ability to scan files on your Mac for detecting and disabling Windows malware, trojans, and viruses. Moreover, it should be capable of deleting viruses to restrict the risk of spreading to network share, USB drive, or email.
  • A user-friendly antivirus software will work effectively when it deletes all visible and known threats that may cause data damage to files.
  • A result-oriented antivirus product runs quiet well in the background and comfortably scans email, downloads, and files on access. It also stops you from opening harmful files.
  • A useful program remains light on system resources when it runs in the background.
  • One of the best features of any program should be its ability to easily install and uninstall Mac applications. It will be good if it comes with no complicated packages.
  • Any antivirus with real-time performance will make a real difference. It will be good if your choice antivirus can support OS X up to 10.8 versions and back to 10.4 versions.

To know which antivirus suits your Mac, you can take help from Apple Mac support centers using  phone number for Apple Mac.

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