Everything you need to know about MacBook Air 2016

World’s most influential technology giant Apple has already released the new iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, and the new iPad Pro, Now it is high time to have a covetous look at the MacBook Air 2016. Although Apple has not mentioned anything about much-talked laptop, yet there are some speculations on the type, size, design, performance, and output of the laptop. Support For Apple® Laptops or Mac® Laptop Help

It is expected that the new Apple machine will be available to Apple users in a sleek, ultra-thin built. It is likely that users will be able to use the MacBook Air 2016 for heavy duty gaming. Users should not get surprised if they found the newest version well synced with Nvidia GeForce GTX 950 graphics card which is highly advanced. Hardcore gamers will like to enjoy gaming on it as it will be able to handle some intense gaming and makes it a go-to for hardcore gamers. With a Skylake-U processor, Intel’s latest and more powerful chip, will add more performance and output to the machine. This stellar feature will help users ensure lower power consumption. iMac® Technical Support | Apple® iMac Helpline

macbook air 2016

Moreover, it is possible that Apple will integrate Force Touch technology on MacBook Air 2016. Users will get surprised with the stunning feature of USB Type-C ports which ensures that the upcoming laptop could be charged with a wireless connectivity. As usual, the MacBook Air 2016 will usually be available with Macbook Air Support for Microsoft apps or functions. This support will also include Office software designed for the Apple-made notebook. Intelligent Search will be a new feature with the Microsoft-native OneNote and Outlook on the MacBook Air, says Australia News Network. Support Services for Apple MacBook® | MacBook Helpline

A Translator which was initially introduced to the iPhone and Apple Watch, will also be a part of MacBook Air 2016. This interestingly help is supposed to assist users find phrases in a foreign language. And to do so, you need to access the current location and time of the user. Interestingly, Apple is yet to announce the MacBook Air 2016 officially, but there are rumors in media that Apple is going to slash the price of the MacBook Air 2015. If it is right, it is a sign that you will get a new Apple MacBook version in your hands.

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