European patent from Apple to expand touch-enabled products

The world’s most popular technology brand Apple is going to add the real touch factor in all of its mobile devices as well as desktop-bound hardware. Thanks to the European patent filed by Apple indicates to the possibility of a touch-enabled iMac. It indicates to a computer that controls both mouse and touch-based input through an adjustable stand. Invented by Paul Costa, hardware engineering manager, an iMac-like computer will be able to keep the computer in an upright position with an adjustable stand that will make Apple’s products touch enabled and ergonomic.Apple Products

Now, the question is how useful will the touch-enabled iMac be when the iMac Touch is already in use as a touch-enabled regular device. Interestingly, the computer would work like a current iMac and giant iPad as well. It can be possible that it will come with an additional “layer” which is touch-optimized. The transition to touch mode will be made possible with sensors in the computer, or the tilting stand. The idea behind the new patent is that some apps suit touchscreens well whereas some are best used with a mouse and keyboard. Overall, the new patent will make an effective impact on the apps that are associated with games, drawing, media consumption, spreadsheets, and word processing. iMac Support .

Interestingly, the patent will cover desktop as well as notebook devices. Moreover, there are some rumors in the market that Apple is coming out with touch-enabled OSX hardware. This rumor entered the market when touch mode was associated iOS apps to Mac OSX. The area of the patent will also cover MacBooks, notebook devices from Apple Inc. It is possible that users will get a laptop with a touch-enabled swiveling or flat screen.

It is believed that this idea in not new as “convertible” laptops have been registering their presence on the market for several years now.

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