End of the road for Mac OS X 10.6 “Snow Leopard”? Google and Apple left OSX cats in cold

With the unveiling of new operating systems, it is common that new updates offer users of the operating system better and effective control over their machines with a perfect amalgam of smart features and specifications. The same concept also applies on Apple Mac’s newer versions. But, what happens to the older versions and the users of the versions who find it hard to get their problem resolved in the absence of any possible customer support for apple tech service number from Apple support center or any other reliable resources.

A couple of months ago, the world’s most used search engine Google declared that its Chrome browser would offer no active support to a number of older Mac OS X versions. Now, it is officially cleared that Google Chrome will not avail software features and security updates on the following Mac platforms: Mac OS X 10.6 – “Snow Leopard”; Mac OS X 10.7 – “Lion”; and Mac OS X 10.8 – “Mountain Lion”. In addition, Google confirmed the ending of support for Windows versions XP and Vista. And obvious reason behind taking this move is that Apple and Microsoft are not going to support those platforms actively. Mac help support phone Number

On the other hand, Apple has already cleared that it will no longer patch OS X 10.6 or Snow Leopard and directly denied to render any security updates for the OS. With the issuance of an update for Mavericks or OS X 10.9, and Mountain Lion (10.8) and Lion (10.7), Apple had left OSX cats in cold, thinking about the future of their operating systems.


Discontinuance of support means users will not be able to have any sort of added security or software updates on machines that are run by Windows and OS Xs. If Windows and OS X users are still hanging on with older versions and are not moving to the newer editions, they can still get the best out of their machines as there are many reliable and professional independent technical support providing companies that help such users with instant and cost-effective software technical services. It is also likely that the users of these software programs will get no help from Apple and Google when they face a number of issues with their machines.

All aggrieved users of Windows and Apple operating systems needn’t panic as comprehensive Apple technical support services are available for the people who need instant help for installing, uninstalling and upgrading drives; troubleshooting all MacBook technical issues; scanning and cleaning viruses; configuring browsing settings for best performance; downloading new Apple applications; and troubleshooting connection and networking problems.

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