Email a webpage from iPad Safari using El Capitan?

Now with your Apple iPad device Safari browser, you can email a link to the Web page you are viewing in just a few easy steps. This is useful when you want to quickly share a page with someone. To get started, simply open your browser by tapping on the Safari icon, typically located on your iPad Home Screen, and follow the onscreen instructions. In case you confront any sort of issue in emailing the web page from iPad safari using EI Capitan, then you can simply contact a reliable technical support providing company that offers you quality Apple safari iPad Customer Phone Support in a short span of time.


You can simply open the Safari app’s window on your iPad using EI Capitan. This will navigate the Web page that you wish to share. Once the desired page you want to email has finished loading, click on the Share button and the share Sheet will be visible in the Safari window. For any type of issue, you can take 24×7 Apple safari technical Support from a reliable technical support providing company and get instant help from the certified tech support technicians.

Methods of sending a web page email from iPad Safari using El Capitan

For this, open your Safari browser on your iPad. If you want to share a large size web page or want to e-mail a link to it to your friends and colleagues, then you can quickly zip off a quick e-mail to your friend, along with words of encouragement for a quick recovery. By applying this, you can easily send a web page email using iPad on your safari browser. For any type of technical assistance, you can dial a toll-free Apple safari technical customer support  Number and get relevant support for the same.
Below are the steps for sending a web page email from iPad Safari:

  • First of all, open safari browser and the site you want to share, click the Settings Menu icon.
  • Click mail Link to this Page > blank e-mail message appears.
  • Enter a recipient’s e-mail address> a subject >and your message.
  • It helps you to explain why you want the recipient to visit the web page whose link you’re including.
  • Click on the send option.
  • The e-mail goes on its way. When the recipient receives your e-mail, the receiver just needs to hit on the link to automatically start his web browser and display the web page.
  • The e-mail is sent from the default e-mail account you have set up on iPad. Any replies to your e-mail will come back to this e-mail address.

If the above-mentioned steps are not helpful, then you can simply contact a third party technical support providing company and get relevant support for the same from the certified Apple technicians.

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